Miles Westlin

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Full name Miles Westlin
Date of Birth September 23, 2503
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Orphaned
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blonde - Grey-Blue
Height and Weight 6'0" - 160 lbs.
Employment History

Westlin Trade

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Miles Westlin stands six feet tall. His body is a fit muscular build, but trim. His jaw and brow line are strong, and his fair skin sets off blue-grey eyes that absorb every detail around him. His blond hair is kept short and modestly styled, his cut displaying a casual look of 'bedhead' that while appearing to take no time at all probably requires a good bit of primping in actuality. His face is clean shaven, and his fingernails are trimmed and have been buffed. Every aspect of his body is kept well groomed. Miles wears a light brown, one button, double vented suit. Isn't it always a suit with Miles? His shirt is a white arrow point collar with grey vertical striping running in pairs, french cuffed with white gold square cuff links. His burgundy and silver micro checkered tie is in a half windsor knott and his feet are covered in polished, brown, square toed dress shoes. A jeweled and white-gold watch adorns his right wrist.


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Family History

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Education and Employment History

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