Miles Sheridan

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Miles Sheridan

Full name: Miles Roban Sheridan
Date of Birth: April 16th, 2494
Gender: Male
Born On: Hera, Oakdale
Eyes: Pine green.
Hair: Auburn.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 128 lbs
Handedness: Left-handed.
Bloodtype: AB negative.
Parents: Callahan and Lyra Sheridan.
Siblings: One older brother, Alasdair, now deceased.
Spouse: Marie Cerequette (married at eighteen, currently divorced).
Children: Daughter, Anne Marie Cerequette (Sheridan).
Assignment: Unemployed.
Status: Inactive
Nicknames: Robby, Sherry, Milo.

Education Information
Oakdale Elementary (K-Graduation). Hera University (degree unknown)

Background Lite

Youngest son of a pair of successful farmers (mainly grain and feed), he grew up on Hera and learned how to cook primarily from his mother. When he was sixteen, his older brother died in an accident during a race against the older boy from an opposing farm. The lawsuit that followed was dropped when the other family settled, but the Sheridans were never the same again. For a while after that, Miles acted out, his grades falling while his behavior became wild; he got married right out of school to his sweetheart, Marie Cerequette, but a year or so later, the two parted after what Miles believed was a failed pregnancy. This is when he left for Hera University; an overall bright but average student, he graduated with small honors in different classes.

Miles's Personality

Congenial and friendly, Miles is somewhat phobic of large crowds and, while he doesn't mind being social every so often, generally seems to prefer staying tucked out of sight.


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