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Michelle Mitchell
Full name Georgina Michelle Mitchell
Date of Birth Nov 1, 2492
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Janet Gilbert & Tony Marcone
John Gilbert (Step-Father)
Siblings Jeremy Marcone
Spouse Christopher Mitchell (d.2517)
Children Amanda Mitchell (b.2518)
Status Retired
Education Information

High School Graduate

Military Service
  • Enlisted 2510.
  • Honorable Discharge 2517.
  • Exiting rank: Gunnery Sergeant (E6)
  • Served with distinction.
  • Veteran, Unification War.
Employment History

2518-2534: DAS/Interpol
2510-2517: Alliance Military


The epitome of the tall leggy brunette, this woman stands about 5'9" in her bare feet and has long brown hair with more than a little natural wave to it. She's built kind of like a supermodel, tall and thin, but there is a subtle strength to her musculature that the emaciated runway teens would be mortified to display. Her somewhat square face features well defined cheekbones and cheeks that tend to dimple when she smiles. Her brown eyes are fringed with long dark lashes and framed by thin dark brows.

Who am I?

Inspector Michelle Mitchell was a 16 year Interpol veteran, having started out as a beat cop on Londinium long before there ever was a Department of Alliance Security. She worked her way up through the ranks from there. Not content to be merely an administrator, she liked to dabble in the field as well and was known to be more than capable with a sidearm. Some of her subordinates over the years saw her as meddling, others as helpful. One thing is for certain: She was not one to sit idly behind her desk and wait for reports to come to her. She was assigned to work directly with Director Henderson as his right hand in 2532, making her the second highest ranking officer in the division. She served in this role faithfully until April of 2534, when she (along with numerous other senior Interpol officers) was let go shortly after the appointment of a new Secretary of the DAS, John Keegan.


If you want to know more, you'll have to RP with me and find out! Or investigate me. That could work too, but RP is so much more rewarding!

RP Hooks

  • Did you serve in the military between 2510-2517? Perhaps we met.
  • Been arrested? Maybe I did it.
  • From Londinium? Maybe we went to school together or ran in the same circles at some point or another.
  • Allergic to chocolate, but love it.
  • It is by java alone I set my mind in motion...