Mia Daniels

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Dr. Mia Daniels
Full name Mia Lynn Daniels
Date of Birth <insert>
Birthplace <insert>
Parents <insert>
Siblings <insert>
Spouse Phelan Daniels
Children Yes
Specialization Medicine
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair <insert>
Height and Weight x'x" , xxxlbs
Status Married to Phelan Daniels
Education Information


Military Service


Employment History

Dark Star Security Company

Full Name: Mia Lynn Daniels


Mia is notably short at a couple inches shy of five feet and at first glance one might guess her age around her mid twenties. Her svelte frame does little to boast her presence though the woman seems to keep in fair shape. Skin the color of light mocha and large almond-shaped chocolate brown eyes speak of a mixed ancestry. Her black hair is swept up in an ornate pattern then left to spill down the nape of her neck and down to her back.
She wears a silken sari of rusts and earthy umbers intermingled and streaked to stain the layers of silk. A simple matching satin blouse protects her modesty, and is her usual favored of deep, rich garnet. Her feet are protected by simple but sturdy sandals.


All the world is a stage, everyone has their part to play.


This is all OOC info. If you want to know more, RP it.