Meretrix Industries

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Meretrix Industries
Jasmine Geddes, Co-Owner, Captain
Nataliya Obukov, Co-owner, Medical Officer
Sable Peretti, Pilot
Julia, Technician
Cora Green, Pilot
Anascinalia Covinato, Technician
Aeneas, Security
Jake Piller, Security

Mission Statement

Meretrix Industries is dedicated to giving its customers complete satisfaction by delivering specialized and sensitive goods in a timely fashion, anywhere in the 'Verse, at competitive rates.


Started by Jasmine Geddes and Katja Patroval after salvaging a Harpoon transport, the Bonaventure, the partnership broke up when Katja pursued other interests. To assist in running the company, Jasmine asked Nataliya Obukov to be an equal partner. Growing steadily, Meretrix achieved a long-sought goal by becoming a multi-ship company, when it refurbished a Firefly class transport, the Evening Star. Then, after a year, the captain that Jasmine appointed to the Evening Star decided to split from Meretrix Industries. Jasmine and the Bonaventure crew are still working to carry out the company's mission.


The Bonaventure, a Harpoon Class Quick Transport.

Former Acquisitions

The Evening Star, a Firefly Class Transport.

This vessel is no longer working for Meretrix Industries.


(see the Bonaventure wiki page.)


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