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This is OOC information.
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Mercy O'Keefe
Full name Mercy O'Keefe
Date of Birth April 1, 2494
Parents Domingo and Elena Morales (adopted) James and Molly O'Keefe (paternal)
Siblings Eva Morales (sort of)
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Unemployed
Specialization Doctor/Medic
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green eyes, natural red hair
Height and Weight 5'4, ???lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

??? (Rumored to only have one semester left for a M.D. on Ariel)

Military Service

No military service

Employment History
  • Assistant Medic, Guan-Yin, Fired for unprofessionalism
  • Assistant Medic, Tienlong, Fired for personality conflicts.
  • Current: Wanted Fugitive

OOC Note:

Mercy's appearance has changed a lot since her incident with the Alliance officer losing his hand. If you interacted with her prior to that, you probably wouldn't recognize her.

What Mercy's Up To

Mercy arrived on Persephone from Whitefall with a small savings and the hope of getting a berth on a ship to explore the 'Verse. She was first hired by the Guan-Yin, a medical rescue ship with a friendly, if eccentric, crew. It wasn't long before she got her first emergency call. Off she went to save a life! Dun dun dun! To make a long story short, she made a quip about the explosive properties of mint and lost her first job only days after getting it.

It was a few more days before she joined the Tienlong, a more traditional cargo ship. While at first it seemed promising, she had a psychotic outburst in The Dregs Bar and Grill on Persephone which led to a short scuffle. Two of her crew-mates were taken captive by pirates with the demand that she fight a traditional pirate duel. She went, she fought, and she lost -badly-. Feelings were hurt, a lot of blood was shed (mostly hers) and she wound up lying on the ground in the jungle for a few hours.

Barely alive, she set about the difficult task of recovery when -another- altercation occured, this one between her and a crew-mate. Threats were made and the situation was resolved(?) by Mercy being fired from her second ship.

A few days after losing her position on the Tienlong she came across three men holding a girl hostage at the Eavesdown Docks on Persephone after a robbery-gone-wrong. She was shot in the side during the ensuing chaos but managed to rescue the hostage by recklessly charging the gun-toting thugs with a sword while another woman picked off his accomplices at range.

Mid-December of 2521, Mercy was on the scene of a major fire at the Companion House of Daska and assisted in the evacuation of survivors to the Chong Sheng. Her hands were both seriously damaged in the chaos, and she took some shrapnel to the cheek.

Currently Mercy is on the run from the Alliance after trying to save an Alliance private and getting shot in the chest for her trouble. Her response of cutting off the man's hand was perhaps not as diplomatic as it could have been.


Something about this woman just seems cold. It could be her forced mannerisms, or her calculated reactions. Occasionally there is a tic in her cheek, hardly noticeable unless you spend a lot of time around her. Her height is less than five and a half feet by an inch or three, and her build is pretty unremarkable, somewhere between athletic and almost plump. Straight black hair is done in a short choppy non-style, reckless and wild without being out of control. The inky darkness of the hair suggests a dye job, but the roots tell no tales. Thin eyebrows arch over her light blue eyes. The woman's eye-color seems muted somehow, faded. A pale face, caused by either a lack of sunlight, blood-loss, or a combination of the two is made up only lightly with cosmetics, lips painted a soft pink and a touch of darkening around the eyes. Beneath her left eye are the remains of a thin scar, concealed and covered as much as possible but still defiantly visible if one spends a few moments studying her face.

A tasteful black turtle necked shirt fits comfortably to her frame, the long sleeves flaring out around her wrists while remaining snug everywhere else. The shirt enhances her curves while revealing no flesh, the lower hem ending a few inches below her waist. Totally out of sync with the rest of her style is a black-dyed flak jacket. Well, not so much dyed as painted. It is bulky and obviously armored, but at least it doesn't clash color-wise anymore. The vest protects the torso, keeping all those vital organs from liquefaction. She wears a pair of black leather gloves on her hands to protect them from the elements. They are of standard commercial fare, except for the rubberized grips on the palms.

Belted around her waist with a simple black leather belt are a pair of jeans. The color? You guessed it! Black. They show off her hips without being constricting, the snug fabric loosening around the ankles. Completing her woman-in-black outfit are a pair of black hiking boots, maintained at a dull polish so as to not reflect the light.