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Full name Mera'din al'Thor
Date of Birth 03-17-2510
Assignment None currently
Specialization Bounty hunting, information gathering, security
Gender Male
Status Active
Education Information
  • Alliance Basic Training.
  • Bast Trade and Technical School, Osiris
Employment History
  • Past - Security on board the Headhunter
  • Assisted in the recovery of kidnapped Gabriella Vega
  • Security on board the Saint Michael
  • Chief of security on board the Chong Sheng
  • Chief of security on board the Guan-Yin II
  • Current - Freelance work-for-hire and Bounties.

Mera'din al'Thor (2510-)

Born and raised on Osiris, Mera'din has had all the best the Alliance could offer. He attended alliance funded schools on his home planet of Osiris, graduating from high school before deciding to serve in the Alliance Armed Forces. After basic training, Mera'din had decided a life in the military wasn't exactly his cup of tea. He opted out of the service. He wandered randomly from job to job, nothing catching his interest until, almost by accident, he ended up collecting a bounty on a wanted criminal a few blocks from his home. This changed the course of his life. Deciding he enjoyed it, Mera'din enrolled in a trade school that taught classes on bounty hunting. Upon graduation, he bought a ticket out to Persephone to apply to the Bounty Hunter's Guild.


This man is of Asian descent, though diluted from the distance from earth that was. He has almond shaped eyes the color of fine jade. His head is shaved mostly bald except for a round patch at the back top of his head. The roughly four-inch patch of hair is jet black with bluish highlights that disappear depending on what angle you look at it. Roughly three feet long, the hair is tied into a ponytail on the top of the head. A sculpted nose frames thin straight lips. Rounded cheeks and chin accentuate his light bronze skin. Mera'din can currently be found wearing a light blue button up colar shirt, a dark blue vest, dark blue slacks with a midnight stripe up the side of each leg, and an empty gunbelt. Shiny black silver steel tipped boots finish off his outfit.

Personality and Demeanor

Mera'din's personality, like most people's, is dynamic. Typicaly he is cold and distant, though recent events have revealed a compassionate side of him that he hasn't much explored. Instead he hides within his own introspection, spending much of his time in meditation as taught by the Buddhist monks he studied under.

Current Employment

Currently Mera'din is 'between ships', having changed his name to try and give himself a clean mental break from some past events, he's served on board the Headhunter, Saint Michael,Chong Sheng and the Guan-Yin II before parting ways back to the Buddhist monastery to find himself again.

Bounty Record

None Currently

OOC Information

Mera'din is currently available for hiring on a per job basis. Inquiries can be made OOCly via @mail or ICly via +wave.