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Full name Melanie
Assignment Head Pilot, Chong Sheng
Gender Female
Status Inactive
Employment History
  • Current: Head Pilot, Chong Sheng
  • Past 1: Relief Pilot, St. Michael
  • Past 2:


Melanie is a small woman. She's about 5'4" tall and of medium build. She has the muscles and rough hands of someone who has done years of manual labor, but the pasty coloring of someone who doesn't get much sun. Her eyes and hair are both dark brown. She wears her hair cut so short it stands up in all directions like she just got out of bed and didn't bother to comb it.

She wears a heavy, blue button up cotton shirt with black dungarees. Her clothing has the faded look of clothing that has been washed and worn for a long time. Both knees of her pants have been patched and the cuffs dangle cotton threads. She's not wearing any jewelry. Her shoes are faded black work boots that look they are in need of replacing.

What's known


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