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Mila Kunis as Mei Lin
Full name Mei Lin
Date of Birth 05.Jun.2506 (22yrs)
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Gunslinger, Wulver
Specialization Guns, Blowing Stuff Up
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green {} Brown
Height and Weight 5'3"

120 lbs.

Status Active
Education Information

School of Hard Knocks

Employment History

Current: Wulver, Gunslinger

  • Formerly: Self Employed

Background History

NOTE: This area is a work in progress and subject to sudden overhauls and changes.

Physical Features

Scant in height, this young lady only manages to stand about five feet and three inches tall. With her lean, slender frame that has the usual bends and modest curves of womanhood, she is the epitome of the word 'petite.' She looks to be in her very early twenties, with a youthful blush adding a bit more color to skin that already has a light dusting of caramel tan to it. Shiny dark hair, the colour a varying shade between dark chocolate and inky black, hangs in loose, wavy curls just past her shoulders, although more often than not those locks are pulled back into a messy bun that's held to her head with two chopsticks. Her most distinct feature is her eyes, almond shaped and coloured a striking, intense jade green that are framed by dark lashes and arched eyebrows. Between them is a short, narrow nose and beneath that is a cupid's bow mouth, her face left untouched by any sort of cosmetics. She has a few faint scars on her hands and elbows, and one scar just to the right of her mouth, that leaves an almost one-sided dimple effect to her face. Her hands are calloused along the upper palm.

NOTE: Mei's clothing is subject to change. If you would like to see what she currently wears, simply look at her ICly.

Personality Quirks

Usually leaning towards the friendly type, Mei's fun and mischievous and likes to have a good time. But there's a steely grit underneath the exterior, the kind of girl you wouldn't want to piss off and then meet again in a dark alley. She can also be brutally honest about how she feels, and will rarely waste an opportunity to say exactly what she thinks about someone or a situation, though she usually knows when to keep her mouth shut. Usually.

Also, some people call her crazy. But I wouldn't call her crazy if I were you.

Known Associates

NOTE: This area is a work in progress and subject to sudden overhauls and changes.

Wulver Crew
Name Profile Description
Rodney Kilbride 75.px Cap'n Rodney is a-ok in Mei's book. He gave her and Tien a job on the Wulver, and he's great for a laugh. Plus, he lent her a kick ass gun. She respects the Captain and will do her best to work hard for him and his crew.
Amelia Helling 75.px Mei's not quite sure just how she feels about Amelia. On one hand, the pilot woman is crazy. On the other? She's Mei's type of crazy.
Violet Taylor 75.px Violet, Violet, Violet. So much to say and yet so little room to say it. Mei has had an interesting relationship with Violet thus far, and she anticipates it'll only become even more interesting. But, beneath it all, she actually likes the girl.
Cody A. Martin [[Image:]] There's not much to say about the First Mate of the Wulver except for the fact that she's nice, sweet and seems to be fairly innocent. Mei likes Cody, and that's all there is to it.
Simon Riggs 75.px Riggs claims he's Tien's long lost brother, but Mei's still unsure about him. He's a pretty good shot, and that's a big plus in the Book of Mei. Aside from that though? Only time will tell.
Aleza Zhang [[Image:]] Aleza is Riggs' girl. Mei hasn't really had any in-depth conversations with her, but she DID save Aleza from a couple of ugly bounty hunters. So in Mei's opinion? Aleza owes her and Tien a life debt.
Luna [[Image:]] The first time Mei met Luna, the doctor was laid up in the Cargo Bay of the Wulver and unconscious from a gunshot wound. Mei thinks the girl needs to learn how to duck better, and will happily teach her some skills eventually.
Tien Riggs 75.px Tien is Mei's best friend, and they have been by each other's side for well over a decade now. They survived the orphanage and the streets together, and now they are surviving the Wulver together. The pair seems undeniably inseparable, but they both have insisted that they are nothing more than the best of friends. Of course, this seems to be gradually changing, and maybe soon the Wulver crew will be groaning 'it's about damn time.'

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