Mei Lan Qian

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Mei Lan
Mei Lan
Full name Mei Lan Qian
Date of Birth January 28, 2500, Chinese New Year
Birthplace Sihnon
Parents Chao-Xiang Qian; Li Hua Qian
Siblings 5 older brothers
Spouse Unwed
Specialization Pilot - Transports
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Silver eyes, Black hair
Height and Weight 5'6", 120 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Self-taught, mentorships
Military Service
  • No military service.
Personal Notes

Age: 24

Mei Lan is a intuitive pilot, has lightning reflexes, and is ambidextrous.

Mei Lan is allergic to Dust, addicted to cigarettes, and can't sleep.


"I was born on Shinon. Very traditional Chinese family. Well, except for a Japanese aunt that married my uncle, but that was business. Just like my family: merchants, all of them, pretty rich, too. As the only daughter, I was expected to behave and do the family proud. My mother was always trying to make me some little 'housewife,' but I'm horrible at it. Can't cook, or arrange flowers, or be keep my mouth shut. But I'm clean. VERY clean. Anyway, I studied on my own, learning how to shoot a gun and jujutso, and some physics and that sort of thing... Still, they tried to marry me off when I was 16. So I ran away. And I found some old Geezer to teach me how to fly and use a ship properly. Took to it like a natural, he said.

Baba, as I called my father, was more interested in running his trades than running his family. He had five sons to carry on the business. I was just there to look pretty and net him a nice business arrangement when I was old enough to marry. We weren't close, really. And Ma... Well, she was -all- about trying to make me demure, proper, and the perfect housewife. Didn't happen. We weren't close either. They disowned me when I ran off. Don't ask me anything else."


Mei Lan1.jpg

Good breeding runs in this young Chinese woman, and that much is clearly manifest in her form. Standing, she would likely reach no higher than 5'6", and she looks to be in her early-mid twenties with a curvy, graceful figure. The frame of her heart-shaped face is marked by high cheekbones, a dainty chin, a well-proportioned nose, and full lips.

Her shoulder-blade length black hair is drawn back most often into a neat ponytail at the back of her head, with only a few shorter strands to string forward and frame her face. Her eyes, though, are perhaps striking. A luminous silver surrounded by a darker charcoal grey ring, they're slanted to the exotic almond shape of her Race and streaked through with subtle rays of dove-grey. Her eyelashes are long and thick, giving a delicate sense of femininity to her face.

Contrasting sharply with the woman's girlish features, she wears a basically unisex ensemble: a plain black t-shirt that hugs her ample bosom and narrow waist, a pair of black cargo pants that fit neatly over her hips and rear before loosening up about mid-thigh to fall baggily over a pair of soft, flexible black leather shoes. The pants are of course held up by a black nylon belt with silver ringed holes and a double prong silver buckle. Usually, she also has a black military-style jacket on... But it's non-descript. Her ears are pierced three times, and at the nape of her neck is the tattoo of the Chinese symbol for 'perfection'..

Distinguishing Marks

  • Chinese Symbol for 'Perfection' Tattooed on the Nape of Her Neck