Mee-Yon Kim

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Full name Mee-Yon Kim
Date of Birth 21st September, 2499
Birthplace Sihnon
Parents Jae-Hwa(dad); Chin-Sun(mom) Kim
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown; Black
Height and Weight 5'9"; 140 lbs.
Status Inactive
Education Information

Private tutors; Some college

Military Service


The Physical Illustration

This young Korean woman would probably stand around 5'9", slender and long of limb, and blessed with womanly curves. Probably in her late twenties, her skin has the warm ivory complexion of her race.

A silken sheet of long, brown-black hair falls down her back, and, for the moment, it is left unbound to shine with impeccable care. Her heart-shaped face is marked by high cheebones, a slender nose, and full, curving lips of natural coral. Her eyes stand out, however. Slanted to an exotic almond, they are an intense shade of chocolate brown while the black smudge of her curling lashes defines their shape even further.

Her clothing is simple yet elegant: a sleeveless black v-neck top made from damasked silk that follows her lines perfectly and a pair of black trousers with pant legs so wide and long as to effectively cover her feet and shoes from sight.

The Mental Depiction

The mentality of Mee-Yon Kim is a study in paradoxes: as cool as a cucumber and as passionate as fire, far too grown up and yet still quite child-like, unflappable but somehow nervous... She is both outgoing and demure, a chameleon of personality traits that she changes out as easily and swiftly as some women change their clothing. Who she is truly is perhaps an enigma even to her.

Highly intellectual and adrenaline-driven, Mee-Yon can be something of an opportunist as she easily justifies her actions in life as 'just a big game of capture the flag'. It's hard to tell what she's going to choose to care about on any given day, but when she does choose to care, she is loyal to that decision until the end.

The Basic Past of Mee-Yon


I was born in the Core, on Sihnon to be exact, as an only child to a nice respectable Korean family. Mother, I think, was always hoping I'd be able to become a Companion, but an elevator accident rather abruptly dashed her hopes. There was a shortage in the wiring which caused the doors to close on my foot. I was five, and the bones were so shattered that they had to remove the foot entirely. So I've had a plastic foot since I was a kid.

My father was wealthy, a psychologist and trauma therapist of some note, and I used to sneak into his office at home and read the files on his desk. I always liked learning new things. Life was pretty easy. Pretty... boring, actually, so I amused myself how I could. I went to college, started to study psychology like my father, and dropped out because I'd found out that it was too easy to scam an 'A'. And a lot more fun than studying. I've been bumming around the 'Verse ever since.

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