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McKenna Madison
Full Name: McKenna Madison
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 100lbs
Eyes: Brown/green
Hair: Platinum blonde
Date of Birth: March 5th, 2503
Place of Birth: Santo
Parents: Bryson; father (d.), Sarah; mother (44)
Siblings: Maci (11)
Specialties: Computer usage, cybernetics.


McKenna Madison was born on Santo, in a crime-ridden suburb. Raised by a single mother with a string of endless suitors, Micky learned to be out of the house often. Around the age of ten McKenna started to realize that she was better with electronics than the average person. Her first real 'accomplishment' was taking her mother's brand new PDA apart and then reassembling it within the hour. Since that fateful day, McKenna has fostered a love of electronics (specifically cybernetics) that only continues to grow as more advances in technology are seen. After working for several garage owners and in several offices around Santo, Micky made her way to Persephone -- now her least favorite place in the 'Verse after having been robbed blind by her boyfriend. She currently resides there, though hopefully not for long.


Micky can be somewhat singularly minded; she eats, breaths, and sleeps electronics. Not literally. When not consumed with how to better hone her skills, McKenna is a generally good natured person who takes everything with a grain of salt. Her banter is light-hearted and somewhat immature, which can be charming from time to time and tiresome at others. McKenna's actions are fueled by a constant stream of caffeine coursing through her veins. She talks fast, walks fast and works fast. Micky is loyal to family and friends, almost to a fault. She's quick to forgive people their misdeeds and is willing to do almost anything for a friend in need. As much as McKenna tries to paint herself as 'just one of the boys', but she's undeniably feminine. Within her tough, cool exterior lies a big heart sometimes bursting at the seams.

Hooks & Miscellany

  • McKenna is severely allergic to bee stings. Without immediate medical intervention, the allergic reaction she has from just one bee sting will become lethal.
  • She has a less serious allergy to dust and pollen that generally requires the usage of anti-histamines.
  • She suffers from heterochromia. Her left eye is green and the right one is brown.
  • She suffers from entomophobia and more specifically, apiphobia and arachnophobia.
  • Micky has a minor addiction to nicotine, and what could be considered a MAJOR addiction to caffeine. She could probably live without her smokes, but living without coffee or soda? Totally out of the equation.
  • It takes a lot of alcohol to put her down for the count.
  • She's astoundingly good at learning and speaking other languages. Besides Chinese and English, she knows Japanese, Korean, and Italian. She's working on Spanish next.
  • McKenna isn't much of a picky eater, but she doesn't like pears or apricots. Her favorite food are potato chips. The flavor doesn't really matter so much as the crunchiness for some reason.
  • Owns a multitude of modded PDAs.
  • Enjoys inventing new applications and programs for PDAs, most of them time-wasting video games.


Are Friends Electric? - Gary Numan: "You know I hate to ask, but are friends electric? Mine's broken down and now I've no one to love."
Stripped - Rammstein: "Let me hear you make decisions without your televisions."
Electric Feel - MGMT: "This is what the world is for, making electricity. You can feel it in your mind or you can do it all the time. Plug it in and change the world, you are my electric girl."
Strict Machine - Goldfrapp: "I get high on a buzz then a rush when I'm plugged in you. I connect when I'm flush, you get love when told what to do."
Aerials - System of a Down: "Life is a waterfall. We're one in the river and then one again after the fall."
Uptown Girl - K-Os featuring Emily Haines: "I'm not from the ghetto but my mama is and she's an uptown girl. I know it's hard to let it go, but you've got to stay up when you're down."
Big Bills - Flosstradamus featuring Caroline Polachek: "Delete my emails and silence my calls 'cause I can't, can't explain. But send a postcard across the world so you can't, can't complain."

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