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Full name Maureen Keane
Date of Birth January 3, 2494
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Brandon Keane, Shaina Keane
Siblings None
Spouse Unmarried
Assignment Bubastis Science Dept.
Specialization Systems Engineer
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green eyes, short red hair
Status Active
Education Information
  • (2512-14) Londinium University, Systems Engineering
  • (2514) Apprenticeship, Londinium Docks
Military Service

No military service.

Employment History


You see a slightly short, wiry woman, regarding the world with an almond-shaped green gaze that seems to constantly flit from place to place. Underneath her left eye is a single small mole, and you can see a few fading freckles on her cheeks. Her fiery hair has been cut short to just below her ears. Her voice carries a very mild Gaelic accent - when she speaks, her words are for the most part confident and free of hesitation. On a typical day, she might be seen with a solid shirt and black cargo pants around her hips. The engineer's belt has been fitted with a small tool pocket and a shiny engraved hip flask. Her identification badge has been stamped with the red lion logo of her employer and stuffed in an outside pocket far too small for it.


Perhaps a little lacking in cultural refinement, Maureen is nonetheless a relatively persuasive and amiable woman. At work, she tries to remain focused, preferring to concentrate on the big picture rather than react. Things don't always go down that way, but hey, she tries. When it comes time to unwind, she enjoys a brew or two, and maybe a few after that. Her past experiences at the university have left her with a distinct confidence when drinking, and those who judge her tolerance by a completely non-intimidating appearance are in for a surprise. Her companions might describe her as curious and driven to explore, a facet of personality which quickly drew her from her home planet and into the black. She's also in it for the money; raised on Londinium, she has realized the advantages of working one's way higher in the class structure. She knows that a few dangerous but lucrative jobs might end up moving her in that direction.


Most children on Londinium dreamed about being spacefarers at some point, and Maureen likes to think she's one of the proud few who just never stopped. She enrolled in a five year engineering program oriented toward ship's mechanics on Londinium, where she quickly made a name for herself on campus for talented computer programming and for drinking burly male athletes under the table. "You can go anywhere in the 'verse once you're done here," her professors told her, but she wasn't so sure this was true. She'd seen her classmates end up working at the spaceport, standing in the same room every day, fixing the same ships - no excitement whatsoever! Two years away from graduation, Maureen signed her forms and left the school, fearing her prospects for future employment would confine her to the planet. Since then, she's considered herself lucky to have the chance to work for Red Lion Industries.


Name Relationship Thoughts
Aubrey Acquaintance "Damn, where do I start? He's really not a people person. Just about told me to fuck off, my first day actually working at Bubastis. First he started acting all shifty about this package he was moving through the courtyard, and then he got all defensive about the Black Panther. I doubt he's going to improve. I think I made him scream, though. 'Aint gonna lie, man, that felt good."
Bastien Employer "My new boss likes audacity, that's for sure. I waltzed right into his office one fine day on Osiris and asked for the job up front - no application, nothing. I'll always remember his response. He said he was wondering whether I had the biggest balls in the 'verse or if there was something wrong with my amygdala. Either way, here I am."
Cutter Collaborator, Investigating Duke Carmichael Assassination "You wanna know who I ran into today? Parliamentary operative by the name of James Cutter, on his way into the landing pad. More to the point, he had a five star license and a big ol' rifle case strapped to his back. You bet I let him through. He's sort of the silent, enigmatic type, defined by his job - you know what I'm talking about? Still, there's got to be more to him than that..."