Marta Carradin

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Full name Marta Evelyn Carradin
Date of Birth December 17th, 2499, Shadow
Parents Charles Carradin (Father, deceased)
Grace Carradin nee Belios (Mother, deceased)
Siblings Terrence (older brother)
Jacob (younger brother, deceased)
Assignment Life-Line, Inc.
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, short copper red hair
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Some basic coursework and aprenticeships, but no formal training.
Military Service
  • No record of military service.
Employment History
  • Engineer, Red Deuce (2525-present)


Sitting in a wheelchair before you is a young woman. Were she able to stand, she'd be about five-foot-seven, although in the chair, she only reaches a mere four and a half feet tall. Her body is slender, her upper body and arms filled with a sinewy strength, her lower half very thin, the muscles atrophied and weak. Coppery red hair tops her head, cut short in a bob. Her blue eyes, small pert nose and small mouth round out her features. Her neck leads down to delicate shoulders, although there's a certain subtle muscle tone to them. Likewise, her arms are toned with a subtle strength as well and lead to long fingers with closely-clipped nails.

Marta wears an engineer's jumpsuit, a neutral tan color, full of various pockets that have a variety of small tools and implements for her use. Attached to the wheelchair as well, on the inside of the armrests are two bags which hold all of her tools. The wheelchair itself does not look motorized, although it does have two handles for handbrakes at the front, just below the armrests, and a few levers, apparently for adjusting the seatback and changing the elevation of her seat in the chair.

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Marta Carradin was born to Charles and Grace Carradin on Shadow, on December 17, 2499. Marta grew up helping her father herd cattle and farm, along with her two brothers, Terry and Jacob. When the Alliance began its bombing of Shadow, civilians attempted to make their way to the starport, or to facilities that they thought would weather the bombs. On their way there, running with her father, the bombs began to fall and in order to make sure they did not become separated, they joined hands and ran. After another round of bombs fell, some of the shrapnel from the explosion lodged in Marta's spine, severing it and causing her to lose all feeling below the waist. Her father was instantly killed in the same explosion, and Marta was left holding only his severed arm. Other refugees grabbed the hysterical girl and made for the shelters, and so she survived, but she still has nightmares about it to this very day, some years later. The whereabouts of the remainder of her family are unknown, although given the fate of the planet Shadow, she has presumed them to be dead.

Marta traveled with the refugees who saved her for some time, particularly Amis Jerrik. Jerrik was a family friend who felt obligated to help the only surviving member of the Carradin family. When he went to work at a repair shop on Persephone, Marta worked alongside him, first as a sort of go-fer and assistant, and then later (as she began to tinker and explore technical systems on her own time), as a mechanic and engineer. "She's got a knack..." Amis would say, proudly. Eventually, though, the two had a falling out over money and they separated on less than amicable terms. Marta paid her way off of Persephone, bouncing between several worlds, and landing jobs here and there for a few years before finally ending up on Boros, in a little "rust bucket repair shop" (as she called it), her funds relatively depleted. She'd been there for four years, trying to make enough money to get off-world, before she met Reilly Kelly, who offered her a position onboard the Red Deuce.


Marta's a bit of a tough cookie. She's been through a lot already, and she's been plenty taken advantage of over the years. So, it's natural for her to take a long time making friends... she just doesn't trust people all that much... but, deep down, she desperately wants to. Some might say she's a loner, but really, she's independent and looking for a place to be. Personality-wise, she's pragmatic and honest, a bit sarcastic and self-depricating at times. She's not fond of preachers or the like and has a particular distaste for the Alliance. She's hard to get to really know, oh she'll tell you things about herself to interact, but she seems to keep up a wall to keep people from seeing the real Marta. But with earning her trust, she's fiercely loyal, almost to a fault, and willing to let people inside that wall. Behind the somewhat rough exterior, she's actually quite caring and considerate with those she trusts... less so with others.

Interesting Trivia/Tidbits

  • Marta built her own wheelchair. It's built to specification so that it fits her height and form. It isn't automated and she has to push it everywhere, but she figures that this will help to keep her upper body strong and keep her from being helpless during equipment failures. The main seatback, seat, and legrest of the chair are equipped with castor wheels and can be separated from the rest as a unit, to serve as a creeper for Marta to get under equipment as needed. In addition, there are levers that provide means for Marta to raise and lower the height of the chair while it's in the frame. There are a few other improvements as well that she makes from time to time; her chair is a constantly evolving project for her.
  • Marta isn't all mechanically and technically minded. In her spare time, she paints and draws. Granted, sometimes these drawings are sketches of new technical projects, but she also enjoys painting scenery or people, and isn't half bad at it.
  • When Marta was young, her father gave her a violin to play. She practiced quite a bit with it, gaining some level of competency, although this treasure was lost to her when the Alliance raids came. She hasn't picked up an instrument since, although she still always dreams of buying and playing a violin or violin-like instrument again.