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Full name Martina Nicole Bienvenue
Date of Birth September 12th
Parents Nataliya and Rene Bienvenue
Siblings Ajax Bienvenue
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Pyromaniac, White Star
Specialization Explosives, fireworks
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, Black hair
Height and Weight 5'4", 115lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • High school diploma
Military Service
  • No military service.


Growing Up Mardi

Mardi grew up in a small, isolated community on the outskirts of Persephone. Both of her parents' heritages can be traced as far back as the early 2000s in France and the Ukraine. The neighbourhood was filled with people of one main religion; Christianity, and most stuck to that set of rules as closely as they could. Her brother, Ajax, was 3 years her elder.

As a young child, she was loved very much, and given many opportunities. Around the house, they spoke French just as much as they spoke English. Growing older, Mardi's parents began seeing flaws in their daughter that conflicted with their way of life. The teenage struggle to understand yourself and who you are is difficult, though her parents didn't understand. No longer accepted, Mardi began resenting her parents.

Good times. Sort Of.

She took up photography when she was just entering her teens, saving up for an expensive camera which she used to take pictures of her beloved brother. Her sibling's interest in engines and explosives fuelled her own hobbies, and soon enough she was working with a wrench or playing with the newest firework model in their backyard every night. Her experiments grew more and more dangerous, and Mardi was forced to put a hiatus on her explosive discoveries after she blew up one of her parents' vehicles.

As punishment, they forced Mardi into music lessons. Not her favourite subject, but she wasn't half bad. Even so, she was determined to continue messing around with the fireworks with her brother. The two of them managed to experiment safely for about a year, but when Mardi turned 19, one of their fireworks shot directly through the living room of their house.

Furious, her parents kicked her out of the house, disowning her and cursing her as their own mistake. There is nothing worse than a sexually confused, claustrophobic girl with a pack of dynamite, after all. Leaving the small community, she travelled to the inner city of Persephone, spending over a year there, making money by working at a tiny gun shop. During her time there, she also picked up a few bad habits; since then a lot of her money has been spent on cigarettes.

After taking a short vacation on Newhall, Mardi returned to Persephone when she turned 22 and she was surprised to see how much the place had changed. Vying for another job, she now loafs around Eavesdown, trying to get employed.


While she is not shy per se--she is able to function perfectly well in social settings, make conversation and interact--and certainly is not sheltered, Mardi has never felt the need to constantly surround herself with crowds people. She is focused and driven without being overly competitive, content to reach her own personal goals and be satisfied with doing her best rather than consumed by a need to outdo others. She's a bit quirky when she gets comfortable, blowing things up and generally being a loud, annoying thing.

She is sarcastic, and quite witty; Mardi loves a good joke. She avoids confrontation when possible and does not like to argue, though for whatever reason, confrontation and drama often seems to find her, and she does not always deal with it well. She has many quirks --addiction to junk food and coffee, eclectic taste in music, movies, and Cortex shows, love for fast paced speech and pop culture quips--and while she is much less worldly than some, she is undoubtedly more mature than your average girl. Mardi enjoys spending a lot of her free time taking photos, usually surprising friends with candids and funny snapshots.


Mardi is a young girl in her late teens or early twenties. Her blue eyes are pale, but they possess a keen brightness to them. Dark, tanned skin tells of a mixed heritage, or corpulent amounts of time spend in the sun. Black, crimped hair falls from a bright red bandana with white markings on it. A few locks have been braided near her face, little colourful beads hanging past her chin. Her form is svelte, with muscle apparent on her tummy and arms, though she lacks a bit of height, standing at around 5 feet and 4 inches.

She's dressed like she's going to attend a retro dance party, though at the same time she looks completely comfortable. A dark denim jacket that probably went out of style centuries ago is worn over a tight white tank top that bunches at her navel, revealing her torso from the belly button to her pants. A red belt is looped around the pair of jeans she wears, though it's too loose, leaving her pants practically falling off her hips and displaying her white pair of femme-cut boxers. On her feet is a pair of brown flip flops. Damn hippie.

IC Timeline

A record of important IC events.

Year 2524

  • Nov 28 - Mardi gets an interview with Alabaster Smith, boards the Redemption for the first time, and meets most of it's crew. She is put on probation. Meets Ariana and is nearly arrested for setting off a rocket. Later that night she meets up with Beckett, and the two hit it off pretty well.
  • Nov 29 - Meets Jezebel, and the two argue over the effectiveness of one of Mardi's newest firework models. Mardi and Temperance meet, and discuss the cause of the explosion a few days earlier. Mardi breaks Temp's arm. Together with Lucas magley and Crow, Mardi plans a practical joke for Pix.
  • Dec 8th - Invited by Kayla to Fess Higgins' engagement party. Mardi stands out like a sore thumb. Mantissa offers her a job and the promise of 2,000 credits for her services.
  • Dec 14th - Mardi quits the Redemption and joins the White Star. She meets Ramses, Elunara, Kasia, and Amylynn.
  • Dec 15th - Mardi visits the Dregs Bar and Grill and meets Sam.
  • Dec 16th - Sam molests Mardi. That's cool I guess. =P
  • Dec 19th - Flees from the White Star in her pajamas, disturbed by the interactions with her crewmates. She meets Sam again after coming down with a bad cold, and is taken care of at the Helios.
  • Dec 20th - Mardi decides that the White Star's 'kinks' aren't for her and makes arrangements to depart after New Year's Eve.
  • Dec 26th - Meets Lucretia and becomes dependant on her cooking.
  • Dec 27th - Mardi spends the day with Lucretia, taking photos, drawing, setting off fireworks, and eating her cooking. And there's something there that wasn't before.
  • Dec 31st - Attends the White Star's grand opening, and is on piano and fireworks duty. Temperance faints and Mardi laughs at it. Lucy meets Beckett, and the consequences of a loose-ended, almost-relationship come back to haunt Mardi. Fireworks are a huge success.


Pictures, sounds and more!


  • Something Special - Colbie Caillat [1]
  • Viva La Love Story - Jon Schmidt [2]
  • Game of Love - Santana [3]
  • Use Somebody - Kings of Leon [4]
  • San Francisco - Vanessa Carlton [5]
  • Bring The Noise! - Benny Benassi ft. Public Enemy [6]
  • I'm In Miami Bitch - LMFAO [7]
  • Bojangles - Pitbull ft. Lil' John and Ying Yang Twins [8]
  • Dirty Mary - Lady Bouncer [9]
  • Love Me Or Hate Me - Lady Sovereign [10] (Temperance)
  • Lovegame - Lady Gaga [11]
  • Evacuate The Dancefloor - Cascada [12]
  • 1, 2 Step - Ciara ft. Missy Elliott [13]
  • Ice - Lights [14] (Beckett)
  • LDN - Lily Allen [15]
  • Life - Aselin Debison [16]
  • Stolen - DBC [17] (Mardi/Lucretia)