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Marc Orrell
Full name Marc Orrell
Date of Birth July 7, 2488
Birthplace St. Albans
Parents Hugh and Kimberly Orrell
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Specialization Multiple Weapon Systems
Gender Male
Height and Weight 6'0/200 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • General, Some Cortex classes
Military Service
  • Independent Faction
  • 2506 - 2508: 88th Infantry "Stone Fists"
  • 2508 - 2511: 5th Special Forces Group
  • Alliance Military
  • 2523 - 2523: 63rd Federals
Employment History
  • 2512 - 2520: Under payroll of known Handler, Nibble.
  • 2520 - 2522: Security Officer, Dark Dragon.
  • 2522 - 2523: Alpha Team Leader, The Regiment.
  • 2523 - 2523: Lance Corporal, 63 Feds.
  • 2524 - 2525: Security Contractor, Crimson Shield

"The past is a gaping hole. You try to run from it, but the more you run, the deeper, more terrible it grows behind you, its edges yawning at your heels. Your only chance is to turn around and face it. But it's like looking down into the grave of your love, or kissing the mouth of a gun, a bullet trembling in its dark nest, ready to blow your head off." - Sam Lake


As with any story it’s best to start in the beginning, birth the commonly known beginning to everything. Things collide; things explode, implode, go bang, or procreate in similar fashions. His birth was like every other that lived near a sense of normalcy on Saint Albans. Grew up with two loving parents, helped his aging father with the daily fur take, and graduated from the prestigious Saint Albans High school. The little things in history, parts that most drama loving persons tend to overlook. His childhood and school years held no grand interest, love or hate; he was simply Marc living the life in front of him. All of that soon after stems off and shatters into bits and knowledge of mild importance. But one major vein of worth remained...the war for independence. To most it was a war for freedom, for others a war of patriotism. For Orrell it was a ticket, the golden ticket in fact. A one way ride through hell and on the other side was everything, another life, another planet...Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, you'd be surprised at how many things you can apply physics too; Space, Time, Human psychology, and bullets....Follow a bullets course and you'll see the path of god, often violent, often random, and often catastrophic. The war had numbers to back this, dead, dying, and injured. Marc saw this, his ticket had become something else entirely and it hit him like a snipers bullet, something not unlike an epiphany. All of it, the war, the dead, the physics involved, it was all apart of something greater. He couldn’t deny that there was a god, and he also couldn’t deny that he absolutely hated the bastard...

Distinguishing Marks

Facial Hair

  • Current: Zappa Style Mustache


  • 51 tiny black jawless skulls on his right forearm aligned in rows.
  • 'Orrell' in black bold letters on his left forearm.


  • A line of scar tissue breaking his left brow and tapering off up his forehead.
  • Random shrapnel scars on his legs.
  • Two GSW's on his upper right chest.
  • GSW and surgery scar along left collar bone.

Old Habits

The hard habits of a seasoned Mercenary, the gun collecting, the money loving, the self-medicating. Things you gotta wear like a badge of courage if you want to get anywhere in the business.

The Smokes: Belomorkanals.



The brand became popular in most of the Soviet Bloc countries due to their low price. They are famed as one of the strongest cigarettes available in Eastern Europe on Earth-that-was. Somehow the brand name survived to this day, the tobacco is grown and shipped from Hera to a processing plant on Beaumonde where they are packaged and shipped. Not being the only brand of cigarettes that Marc smokes, if in a pinch he's not above smoking the local flavor, Belomorkanals are the bulk of which.

The Drink: Czar’s Vodka.



A recycled name sake of a once premium brand of Russian vodka on Earth-that-was. Now consumed predominately by post war Mercenaries for its low end value yet unique distilling process. Produced on site in Hera the alcohol is filtered with quartz sand and birch tree charcoal hailing all the way from Verbena. The final filtering process involves ultra-violet light and a quick filtration through gold membranes that result in its smoothness.

The Guns

"Remember the first rule of gunfighting... "have a gun."" - Jeff Cooper

Browning Automatic Rifle
Colt M4A17
Kriss Super V
L85A2 IW
Colt 1911 .45ACP

Soldier of (mis)fortune

Soccer pads not included...

“Mercenary…Dog of war…Soldier of fortune, we’re as old as dirt and still going strong. Our roots secured in history, and sticking with doesn’t take an egghead to know our reputation. A simple gander at a dictionary will suffice, but I’m not here to talk about morals, nor ethics. If you asked me why I do this…I’d tell you because I can, because it’s what I know....Because I’m good at it...” – Marc Orrell

Notable Character Events (dates are sketchy)

- 2521 - Injured on Whitefall from exploding ordinance when a mission of revenge went horribly wrong.

- 2522 - Invovled in a mission to seize a package from a loading garage on <info forthcoming>, handsomely paid the sum of 200 credits.

- 2522 - Assigned to Silverhold to aid in a Regiment contract that saw a contingent from the company running protection for a mining caravan. An ambush was successfully beaten back, with minor casualties taken.

- 2522 - Later that year the Regiment deployed to Greenleaf to eradicate illegal drug development. <info sketchy>

- 2523 - Classified Alliance Intel

- 2523 - Classified Alliance Intel

- 2523 - Decides to help in the mystery of the "Missing Mudder..Fudkers" if only to keep a watchful eye on the new hire to EI, Dale Lambsey.

- 2523 - Helps solve the case of the "Stalking of Jessica Manors" with Dale Lambsey. Meets a famous old person and slams his ass.

- 2524 - Enlists to help Dale rid the 'verse of Kurt Standish.

- 2524 - A simple medsupply delivery to lilac is interrupted when a shuttle falls from the sky, and a band of marauding gunmen show up on scene. Marc helps engage the tangos, and later kills time while a deadly virus is let loose in the Lilac Hospital. Meets Elliot Hayes.

- 2524 - Taken hostage at knife point on <info forthcoming> by a deranged killer after the murder of an Alliance General and the resulting mix up of Alliance grade weapons leveled at him.

- 2524 - Present at the grand opening of a Casino on Santo that's oddly similar to a warehouse he onced owned. As usual things go awry as a heist goes down during the event, things get complicated when a second group looking to be biker gangsters attempt to kidnap one of the heisters...The men of the heist make a clean getaway while their rivals are left to answer to the Alliance along with witness number 12 Marc Orrell...

- 2524 - Marc auditions for The Bachelor reality show and is somehow accepted. His reason's for joining are a bit sketchy, maybe for money, but more likely for fame. Most of his time was spent getting shitfaced with Anastasiya and Vondye, the three of them notable as being the underdogs of the show.

- 2524 - Freshly eliminated from the bachelor, Marc decides that it'd be a good thing to jump onto a speeding Perse Gen mule with an unconcious Lee inside. Resulting in a few good kicks for the merc with a near collision with a sign post in the highton commons.

- 2524 - Nothing like exploding statues and exchanging small arms fire with feminist extremists in the Persephone Commons. While the operation to bring down a sexy killing machine by RLI, CSS, EI, and the MWC did create numerous casualties. Marc, from all appearances, walked away without a scratch.

-2525- Mostly endless months of nothing worthy of mention occur, the merc becomes bored it seems as he leaves the corporate security world for something even more familiar. Whispers and humble prating among the underworld suggest that the guy is up to something. What that is must be a topic that only time will reveal.

-2525- A resurgence of the old...The merc is gathering soldiers to form a squad of some form of badasses. Details are really sketchy outside the underworld. Meets Sev Desera and Roisin Kelley.

Employment History

"Frankly, I was horrified by life, at what a man had to do simply in order to eat, sleep, and keep himself clothed. So I stayed in bed and drank. When you drank the world was still out there, but for the moment it didn’t have you by the throat." - Charles Bukowski

2512 - 2520: Freelance years. (pre-IC)

2520 - 2522: Dark Dragon, Security Officer - After serving two years with the Dark Dragon, Marc decides to leave and join The Regiment commanded by one Eeben Barlow.

2522 - 2523: The Regiment, Alpha Team Leader - Entering into a line of work more of his own, he quickly esteems to the head of a fire team. It is here where he meets three good friends: Eugene, Evalyn, and Nekita. The Company is later absorbed into the 63rd Alliance Federal Division, and Marc becomes one of few to serve both the Independents and the Alliance.

2523 - 2523(4-5 IC months?): 63rd Federal Division, Lance Corporal - While the pay was very good and the hardware some of the best, Marc simply can't put up with the bureaucracy and decides not to re-up when his tour is finished. Honorably discharged after one tour.

2523 - Present: Ethereal Investigations, Consultant - Hired on after his stint with the Alliance by his good friend Evalyn. In the course of working active cases for EI, he ultimately befriends both: Dale, and Leutrim, and to some extend Lee and Baltimore. More recently opting for a Consulting position instead of a more active investigating one.

2524 - Present: Medical Wellness Clinic, Security Consultant - Initially hired on as a Bouncer while the MWC was still a dinky clinic. A major lull in his life slowly lead to him becoming the Head of Security when the clinic became not so dinky. He's now taken a step back to resume his old ways of running away from solid friendships and secure jobs in his continued search of...something.

2524 - 2525: Crimson Shield Security, Team Leader - His search apparently landed him in the Pseudo-PMC that is Crimson shield, owned and operated by Morgan Kendrick. A stable security position and a few completed contracts couldn't keep him aboard though as he left the company for god knows what....

2525 - present: Tienlong, Cheif Mercenary - No more companies, no more static security. It's action that Marc seeks. The kit, the comradery, the combat probably all play a part in this decision. No more doubts about being a Warjunkie.

Theme like tunes

The Death of a Soldier - Ennio Morricone
L'Arena - Ennio Morricone
La Resa dei Conti - Ennio Morricone
In Time - Mark Collie
Johnny, I hardly knew ya - Dropkick Murphys
Cadence to Arms - Dropkick Murphys
Float - Flogging Molly
Unkind - Hurt
Dead Reckoning - Clint Mansell
Lowman's Lyrics - Metallica
Unforgiven - Metallica
Unforgiven II - Metallica
For Whom The Bell Tolls - Metallica
You Look Like I Need A Drink (acoustic) - Against Me!
Pints of Guinness Make You Strong - Against Me!
Arnhem Knights - Michael Giacchino
Sound Of Madness - Shinedown

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