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Marancy Medical Teaching Hospital

Marancy Medical is based on Londinium and is one of the Premiere Teaching Hospitals in the Verse. It is leading the way in advanced Surgical Practices teaching and producing the Verse's top Surgeons.

Marancy Medical Flight Study Program

A new Program has started at Marancy Medical. Interns now have a Rotation on a flying Teaching Hospital, the Redemption. The purpose of the Flying classroom is to prepare up and coming doctors for the peculiarities of surgery in Space. Working during takeoffs and landings, the effects of False gravity on the body, turbulence and learning to live life amongst a crew.


Doctor Juliet Arnett-Chief Medical Officer


Doctor Roberto Chin-Guest Lecturer



Doctor Huebert Langston, 1st Year Intern (NPC)


Doctor Georgia Dewey, 2nd Year Intern (NPC)


Louisa Schmitt, Fourth Year Med Student (NPC)


(Note: NPC's can be NPC'd by anyone in a scene if no other senior medical staff are around)

Marancy Medical Hospital Alumni

Doctor Anise Seymour

Anise pass.jpg