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Full name Malchior Havoc
Date of Birth August 13th, 2487
Parents Arietta (deceased) and Scott Havoc
Siblings Radenko, Hughes, Ravine (deceased)
Assignment Alliance Military
Specialization Pistols
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, Pink hair
Height and Weight 6'4", 120lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • Londinium University
  • Alliance Military Education
Military Service
  • Currently General
Employment History
  • Alliance Military


Malchior was always a problem child for his parents. The young child was born early morning on August 13th of 2487 with a warning bell. Not only was the child small, he was premature by a few weeks. It was no suprise, though, for during this time Arietta was still heavily addicted to drugs. The small baby boy had a weak heart and was placed in his own room to be watched over. No one thought he would make it very long. The whole ordeal was quickly forgotten, however, as his original medical records were lost and it was almost never remembered that he had a heart condition in the first place. His only problem was a weak heart, though, the muscle not as strong as most people. As he grew older it seemed as if he was cured, but that wasn't the case. The problem would only revisit him in the future.

Malchior was the eldest, next in line was Hughes. Ravine was soon after, and the last was young Radenko. All of the family got along great. Arietta got too deep into her addiction and eventually died in the pain of withdrawl shortly after Ravine's seventeenth birthday. Though, that was way after Malchior had joined the war. August 14th, 2505 Malchior Havoc had signed into the Alliance Military. There had been almost no real reason other than his father had been a fighter in days that had been. Malchior was handy with a pistol, the small weapon easily becoming his favorite. He could manipulate the gun to it's most top form and outshine most of his other comrades. He grew up quickly in the military, though things most definately changed around him rather than the other way around.

Malchior had always been different. His hair proves such a thing. From the soft fluffy mess atop his head to the brows of his eyes and even in the more intimate of spots his hair was and still is the most odd of colors. The soft bubble-gum pink strands are always that uniform color. Not necessarily his genetics, but instead a modification he figured might have been most interesting in his younger years. Most told him he'd regret it once he became older, but he hasn't turned back from it since.

When he first entered the military he was clumsy. Not tripping over himself, but he didn't have a place to keep himself. Though, as time went on he found more and more things he could do.