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Full name Makenzie Red
Date of Birth May 25, 2487
Birthplace Presumably Beaumonde
Parents Orphaned at birth
Siblings Orphaned at birth
Spouse None
Assignment Gadget Guru for the Osprey "Fenrir"
Specialization Engineering & Repair
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Red
Height and Weight 5'10"

145 lbs

Status Inactive
Education Information
  • No formal education
Military Service
  • N/A


Long lengths of natural red hair are pulled tightly back into mini, twin buns, both seized and maintained by jade Chinese hair sticks, charms dangling on each. From these rounded maneuverings flow the rest of her mane, frisking at her mid-back. The style keeps all but two slivered sections of long 'bangs' away, those framing her fine features. Piercing pale grey-green eyes are enhanced with painted lashes, the natural red covered in a coat of brown just to be seen. Another smidgeon of makeup has been chosen - shadow that nearly matches the shine of her eyes in subtly changing hues, and a lip gloss chosen more for moisturizing than for looks.

She is relatively tall - 5'10" or so, and slender throughout. Still, there is a feminine curve to her, accentuated by her choice of clothing. Raven, velvet-ish material forms a low-v'ing blouse with long, belling sleeves and cuts off an inch or so before the jut of her hips. Low-riding raven slacks continue onwards to modern city boots with square heals, the leather lacing beneath and disappearing up her calves. The only other piece of jewelry she sports is a simple, short-chained silver necklace that barely passes choker-length. The pendant is likewise petite and less than extravagant: a peace coin, constructed of copper and oxidized copper. She's clearly not dressed for 'on the job'.

Back Story

Segments taken from select conversations

An orphan since birth, Makenzie Red was - at least by all it looks to be - born on Beaumonde. Raised in one of the more forgotten orphanages, her appearance in said institution became less and less beginning at the age of 10. At the age of 14 - full hiring age - she signed on to be an apprentice for one Sam Malone at the ship yard he owned. On her 16th 'birthday', Red set up camp outside of the shop, leaving the orphanage for good.

At age 18, Sam disappeared permanently, and Kenzie for four weeks. The day of her return the business was sold to a non-profit organization that was required to maintain the land in their possession for the minimum of 99 years, and was indefinitely prohibited from selling to anything other than a non-profit organization featuring assistance with orphanages with work-study programs.

From there she set up shop in an entirely different zone - her own - and began fresh. It wasn't even a few years later that Makenzie brought in a boy named Lu, also from an orphanage, to teach the trade. It was to this man she gifted (sold for far, far less than what it was worth) the shop at age 34.

Recent History

Having 'sold' her business, Makenzie started fresh, with a new job on the Osprey Fenrir for Dane Enterprises. This is not the cause for her failed confidence in self or the abrupt end to her wildness, though the time line remains close enough that some might recognize it as such. The true reason remains known to only one other.

She is close with her crew mates and those few friends who visit frequently, but has a hesitancy still to call anyone - including at times those that are close - an honorific.

RP Logs

I'm sure they're out there somewhere.