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'Are we negotiating?'
'Always.' - A movie from the Earth-that-was

Full name Maite "Mai" Padilla (Hsueh)
Date of Birth November 15, 2504
Parents Biological: Unknown and Reina Padilla Step-father: Chen Hsueh
Siblings None known
Assignment Getting into and then out of trouble
Specialization Negotiator/Security
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair brown/brown
Status Inactive
Education Information
Employment History


PC History

Maite Padilla was born to a very young mother in a not so nice part of Persephone. Her father was never known to Maite, but she did come to know her step-father who did end up marrying her mother when Maite was ten years old. She grew up fast in terms of the world and quickly learned to use what talent she has to take advantage of her situation in life. Education was never a priority in Maite's life and so she never went. Instead, she preferred to learn to 'talk the talk' with merchants and whoever else would accept her company. In her mind, this sort of practice was more proper of an education then she would ever had received in a traditional school. This led her to often getting in trouble for petty crimes as she was also quick join like-minded individuals in their pursuit of quick and easy riches.

Making credits was often on Maite's mind growing up and she never really grew out of that. She did not want to me poor her whole life, and she definitely did not want to spend it breaking her back for a meager salary. With that sort of mindset, Mai quickly made friends with all sorts of the wrong kinds of people. These sort of relationships were tolerated as long as the relationship was fiscally beneficial for the woman. No job was too menial if it was attached with a worthwhile payment in Maite's mind.

This sort of background has set the tone for Maite's current present. She is always negotiating contracts and employment from various sources if the pay is good enough.


Maite is a composition of an uncertain heritage. She does still noticeably possess the characteristics of European descent from the Earth-that-was. Specifically, she often can pass from someone of west European background with her tanned skin and brown eyes/hair. She looks around her age is of a average build/height for a young woman in her early twenties.


Maite can be rather one-track minded when on the job, but that is only in rare occasions. Unless very interested in the job, she can be rather aloof and lazy when it comes to completing it. If she does take interest, she can be a bit cold until the job is done. Maite personifies the work before pleasure with this sort of behavior.

However, in her leisure time, Maite can be fairly personable and friendly to a point. She thinks herself as an interesting person and will treat others the same until they prove her otherwise. Maite likes to tease people and tease back. She's got a fairly thick skin, but doesn't really have a large tolerance for people who lack a similar sense of humor.

Nothing But the Facts, Ma'am:

-Tells a lot of little white lies
-Has only recently left the planet Persephone
-Is actually afraid of flying and still gets sick from time to time
-Known to be a bit of a slacker when not interested in the current job
-Changes her appearance drastically as it suits her
-Multilingual if a bit uncultured sounding in many of her accents


Maite is currently employed by the Valiant.