Mairead Hayley Agnew

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Full name Mairead Hayley Siobhan Aoife Meav Lisa Agnew-Byrne
Date of Birth September 3, 2494
Birthplace Persephone
Parents Michaela and George Agnew
Siblings None
Spouse Aoife Byrne (d)
Children None
Assignment Guan-Yin
Specialization Cookery and Security
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Eyes: Blue - Hair: Blonde
Height and Weight Height: 5'9" - Weight: 115lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Catering College

Military Service


Employment History

Chief Chef and Cheif of Security - Guan Yin

Personal Notes

Work in Progress

Basic History

Born on Persephone to a young couple, Mairead enjoyed a happy childhood with an average school development. Upon reaching the age of sixteen she left her local secondary school and entered into an apprenticeship at a nearby restaurant. After two years there she entered into a technical college part time to study advanced cookery technique. After completing the four year course, Mairead entered into employment with another restaurant, advancing to the position of Sous, or second, Chef. After several months the restaurant finally failed, and the entire staff were turned out on their ears.


Her parents were Michaela and George Agnew. Her father, a baker, owned a small bakery on a backstreet of Persephone, was a kind-hearted individual with a mind for the community. Her mother, a waitress at a nightclub, worked hard and prompted her daughter to follow her dream of owning a restaurant.


At the age of five Hayley entered a commercial kitchen for the first time, she had managed to get lost on her way back to her parents from the restaurant's toilet facilities and wound up in the kitchen. She gazed, wide eyed, at the chefs, waiters and commis all running around busy. Finally the head chef noticed her and escorted her back to her parents, but the memory has stuck with her every day since.


Receiving only a simple elementary education, Mairead left school at the age of fourteen to pursue her culinary career. Enrolling at a local catering college, Mairead spent her days learning how to cook, and her nights waiting tables at a near-by restaurant.

Burgeoning Career

Having completed her course and working her way up to the rank of sous chef, Hayley completed several more courses over the course of the years since. Ranging from basic, and then advanced, first aid. To mixology and bar flair. Incorporating some conflict resolution and even a firearms course. She found herself without a job, facing the possibility of losing her dream.

The Guan-Yin

Pottering around Persephone, doing odd jobs here and there, Mairead came upon a classifieds notice for able crew for the Cargo vessel come Search and Rescue squad. Signing up immediately, after a short time Mairead was contacted by the Captain of the vessel, a man named Rafe.