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Magdelyn Morgan (Maggie)
Full name Magdelyn Winter Morgan
Date of Birth 2495
Birthplace Adamstown, Whitestone Isles, Greenleaf
Parents John and Denise Wolfe.
Siblings Michael and Tony Wolfe.
Spouse Widowed (Nathan Nobuhiko Anders).
Children Stepsons, Hiroshi, James, and Akira Anders.
Assignment Doctor aboard the Ethereal Embrace
Specialization Doctor: Generalist
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue/Brown
Height and Weight 5'4"/140 pounds
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Home tuition
  • Combined Medical degree (New Melbourne University).
Military Service


Employment History

"If you're going to go poking a sleeping porcupine, you could at least use the brains you were born with and use a long stick. Personally? I think its a pity the porcupine didn't have better aim."

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Maggie Anders is an atypical 'Leafer. She's short, stocky, and her fair skin quickly becomes slightly sunburned whenever she's spent time planetside. Nevertheless, her accent is unmitakably from Greenleaf, overlaid by the thicker vowels of New Melbourne.
Wearing an odd combination of the fashions of the two planets, and the near universal 'dress code' of the worker, Maggie confines her attempts to look tidy to her hair. It is cut into a scruffy mess that was either achieved by a 200 cred hairstylist - or hacking the long bits off with scissors. Under the dark brown pelt, equally dark blue eyes look out at the 'verse with interest. Like her hips, her face is rounded, lips full. She's not beautiful - although the smile, when it comes, lights her face.
Her clothing is sturdy, chosen to fit her stockily built frame, with its curving hips and strong shoulders. A divided skirt from heavy cotton drill is a compromise between modesty and ease of movement, usually worn with some kind of cheap pullover shirt, low-heeled steepcap boots, and most importantly the belt. Some people travel without a thing. Some people load enough for a week hiking. Maggie packs essentials in her belt. It holds several pouches, including a small medkit, and looks like it was either army surplus or New Melbourne fisherman's issue - and since it no longer smells of fish ... No weapons, unless a pocketknife counts, and both it and the torch are securely clipped to the belt. Despite the amount of gear if holds, there's very little on it to actually catch on lines, cargo, ladders or for pickpockets to grab.
Snapshot in working clothes.

Of Note . . .

The following can be seen, or heard about, if you ask the right people at the right time.

Netsuke - Carved in ivory (by a noted New Melbourne carver if you follow such things) Its a mermaid and sailor. They're entwined, her hair wrapping around both and pulling him into the deep, imbs tangled intimately, but the expression on his face is one of ecstacy, not dread, and on hers is not one of a gloating predator, but exhulting joy. My lover is come home to me.

Back Tattoo - From neck to waist, and down the outside of each of her thighs, she is covered in fine, delicate, blackwork. A scrimshaw-style scene of earth-that-was sailing ships, and fantastic monsters - kraken and whales, sea-dragons and nautilii. Images include -
Coiled gale-clouds and sea-birds soaring.
A dolphin and calf wave-dancing.
A narwhale breaching.
A mermaid diving, hair streaming behind.
A rock and whirlpool: scylla and charybdis.
An arctic wolf in the northern clouds driving ice before it.
A wandering albatross skimming the nape of her neck.
An aspidochelone, the barnacle tree upon its back swaning geese that take flight.
A reef covered in cresting waves, lighthouse near covered by the drift.
A ghost ship: an ancient clipper with sails of storm clouds.
A fish hook, barbed tip dug into her skin over a rib.
A net draped over the top curve of one buttock and downwards, filled with fish.
A Kraken, its resting form hidden in the wavelets and ripples of the sea.
A pair of seahorses, black and white, born of seafoam and wavemist.
A wicker lobster pot.
Around it all, marking it from shoulder to shoulder, a sepia edge like on some ancient chart of the unknown: Here Be Dragons.

Wrist Tattoo - A yin yang style symbol of horse and wolf heads.
(For those that know them, this is a mirror image of the one Tash has on the same spot).
MaggieTash 200px.jpg


Friendly, always tries looking on the bright side - because there are far too many downsides around to peer back - and tries to keep hopeful and cheerful, Maggie does have her own demons, but they come second to the people she's looking after.
She tends to come over as easy to exploit, malleable, and a walkover. These things are misleading. Maggie has a stubborn core of belief in her which most people find highly unsettling. Maggie also has one hell of a short fuse about some things, as people have occasionally found out unexpectedly when she's reached the end of her tolerance level. Nice doesn't always mean doormat.


Writing, sumi-e, ink and watercolour sketching. And cooking. Definately cooking. Especially on bad days.


  • Cooks a cake or dessert of choice for a member of the crew (on rotation) each Friday.
    • Unless they're out on a pub crawl, in which case she makes cheesecake.
  • Sandalwood is her favourite soap.
    • Please, NEVER give her Sweet Violet.
  • Drinks coffee any colour, any condition.
    • She hates the taste.
  • Follows the ITYS system of Health Management.
    • This means that if you prefer to ignore her skills and glue your knife wounds shut yourself you can, but when they get infected Maggie reserves the right to say 'I Told You So' and smack you silly (or give you a glass of scotch/slice of cake as appropriate).

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IC Common Knowledge

Sketch of Maggie.
Maggie (Magdelen) Anders was born on Greenleaf (a descendant of first-generation terraforming crew), married a fishing magnate from New Melbourne before she was 18, was widowed by 23, graduated in medicine (with an intercalated BSc in pharmacology) on New Melbourne before departing the planet on a seemingly endless journey and has been happily wandering ever since, doing the tourist thing and offering her skills to whoever needs them.
She is currently doctor on the Ethereal Embrace, as well as one of the (associates? volunteers? shanghaied staff?) with the Medical Wellness Clinic. Maggie is also one of that uncommon breed of doctor in an increasingly specialised 'verse - an old fashioned generalist. She aims to provide decent care for every ship or backwater need (everything from field surgery on you, or your dog, to making willow tea when drugs run out, to helping deal with phobias).
It is common for her to be suffering some kind of mild allergy anytime she's planetside. It is also common to see her wearing skin creams, noseplugs, and other assorted defences against the botanical kingdoms. Luckily, her allergies around animals are low.

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