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The Black Petal

A delicate beauty that hides a darker nature, Magdalene -assuming that is her real name- drew the eyes of many an avaricious man hoping to claim the pretty thing as their own. But she would not acquiesce. Leaving her mother's home on Osiris at the age of 14, she was determined to learn the art of seduction and the delicacy of political influence without the dreariness of marriage and childbearing. Her path to this point is one of mystery, sometimes a few months on a planet, then to a ship, to an Outer Rim planet. No Companion is she, without the training or education afforded to those ladies - but she is no lowly whore to spread her legs for any who can pay the coin.

At 16 her virginity was gifted to an old nobleman who could afford the madame's price, and Magdalene gave it without question. In return he made some introductions that assisted on her path. The mistress of several men, she was given the name Black Dahlia by one of the more poetic minded, and finding the honorific a compliment, Magdalene cultivated it which only added to her intrigue. Astute with money she is clearly with some means, able to choose her clients with more care than some forced into her profession. As such, there was never any sweet innocence in her eyes, only dark desire, and those she chose to take as client never went away disappointed for her company.

Her sharp intelligence, rapier tongue and seductive ways have served her well and now she comes to Ezra, to join the Mystic Lady.

Magdalene Juno; The Black Dahlia
Magdalene Juno
IC Information
Full Name: Magdalene Juno
Function: Depends upon the coin of the client and inclination of the lady
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Height/Weight: 5'9" / 115 lbs
Eyes/Hair: Honey-blonde / green
Date of Birth: July 1, 473
Place of Birth: Osiris
Marital Status: Unwed


A woman of the Mystic Lady is a gift, a jewel, a treasure to be cared for and looked after. If a man wants sex, all he need do is find the nearest street trollop and dangle the right coin. These women are neither wives nor prostitutes. They supply something more. Something forbidden and yet accessible -- for the right, rather high, price.

Magdalene is, like most of her ilk, intelligent, talented and free of spirit. She had no wish to marry nor remain faithful to one man.

She has a penchant for the dangers of the 'verse: men, women, guns, ships. Flutters to them like a moth to the flame - but unlike the unfortunate lepidoptera, she is not sent to a heated death. Rather, she thrives, she grows.

She has a gift for writing - composing biting epistles that damn, glowing monuments to perfection and wicked compositions that cause snorts of laughter betwixt lips noble and common.

As for the bedroom? Pay the right price, whether coin or otherwise...and you just might be fortunate enough to find out.

Her various incarnations