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Full name Maerwynn O'Connor
Date of Birth June 1, 2510
Birthplace On a ship
Parents Linda and Ronald O'Connor
Siblings Aoife and Sean
Spouse None
Children None
Specialization Pilot
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Ice Blue / Changing
Height and Weight 5'8" , 125lbs
Status Single
Education Information


Military Service


Employment History

Dark Star Security Company / Pilot-in-training


Maerwynn's bounced from one ship to another, starting as a kid following her parents as they worked on various ships, to later, doing the same herself. The last ship she was on, her boyfriend started to teach her how to fly the ship, and she learned she actually liked doing it. Not only that, she was good at it as well. When the relationship broke up, Maerwynn decided it was time to change ships, getting off at Persephone.

It was there she ran into Captain Odell of the Dark Star who hired her on as a pilot-in-training. So far, life has been good as she gets to know her crewmates on the ship.


  • She has tattoos. LOTS of tattoos. Most all have a story behind them.
  • She tends to dye her hair all sorts of colors. From 'normal' colors to neons, whatever fits her fancy.
  • She also has a lot of piercings, some easily seen, others not.
  • She is allergic to peanuts, and tends to be somewhat picky about her food, even though she cannot cook.
  • There might be a rumor of her being scared of snakes. More like TERRIFIED of them.
  • She's color blind -- specifically, she has Tritanomaly: This is an alleviated form of blue-yellow color blindness, where the S-cones are present but do have some kind of mutation. She has difficulty discriminating between bluish and greenish hues, as well as yellowish and reddish hues.


Cortex Post

Posted on (RL: March 18, 2015), the following Personal Ad was to be found:
Under SWF looking for SM in the personals:
I'm pragmatic but spontaneous. Nurturing but competitive. Peaceful but energetic. I love staying up late -- whether it's to party, have sex or just read a good book -- but I almost always sleep in on weekends if not working. I definitely have an adventurous streak -- whether it's trying out a new tattoo parlor, jogging with a friend or traveling the 'Verse thanks to my various times spent on different ships.
Right now, I'm not looking for a forever relationship -- but who knows what the future brings, right? I have too many things left yet to do before I settle. But if you're a guy looking for some fun, a few shared laughs, perhaps a drink when we both happen to be on the same spacesport, then give a +wave, and perhaps we can hook up sometime.
This post brought to you by a quiet night, a few too many shots of whiskey, and a dare from a friend.


Striking is she, her looks a mix at times of old hollywood meets modern fetish. She has a certain intriguing beauty that can be quite surprising and unconventional. She stands tall with a mass of thick hair that changes color seemingly every other week whenever she can manage it, ranging from pale blond to neons. She has high, slanting cheekbones and a sharp, stubborn jaw. Her skin is soft ivory with just the faintest hint of roses to cheeks. An elegant slant of an aristocratic nose sits atop pouty full lips. Her eyes are ice blue, upswept lightly, and lashed thickly. Curved in all the right places, she still remains tall and willowy, arms and legs toned yet muscular. Piercings also decorate her body: ears are lined with studs and rings, her eyebrow, nose, and even her bottom lip and tongue. If there are others, they are hidden.