Maela Larkins

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Maela Larkins
Maela Larkins
Full name Maela Larkins
Birthplace Sihnon
Parents Shanae and Joseph Larkins
Siblings None
Assignment Security
Specialization Security
Gender Female
Height and Weight 5'9" and 180 pounds
Status Inactive
Employment History

Security, Dochasan Lasair

Personal Notes

No medical notes found.

Background - Pre-PC

Maela was born in 2495 to a pair of trapeze artists who performed with the Earth Still Flies artistic performance troupe, which was based out of Sihnon. She learned the art early in her life, her education handled by a well-regarded tutor there on the core. She primarily trained in high flying trapeze acts, though she also had to occasionally fill in for other members of the troupe, and so she learned artistic dance moves and even the art of fire breathing, which was always an amusement to her friends and relatives. The physical training was extremely intense, and she spent a large amount of time with the security team members of the troupe learning the art of jujitsu along with how to fire a gun properly. The troupe was well-regarded, and were asked to perform at various functions quite often. The woman had a knack for acrobatics and throwing things, so her acts often focused on catching and throwing sharp objects at targets, and she eventually worked firearms into these routines as well. She worked with the troupe until the Alliance shut it down when she was 24 due to the owner and her parents being involved in money laundering through the troupe. She then started taking some of the tricks she learned as an acrobat, along with the physical training, and started hiring herself out to ships as a security team member to keep the money flowing.

Background - PC

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