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Madison Radcliffe
Full name Madison Taylor Radcliffe
Date of Birth May 05, 2487
Parents Anna and Michael Radcliffe
Siblings Mikhail Radcliffe, deceased.
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Education Information
  • Basic schooling
Military Service
  • 2507-2511: Corporal, Independent Army
Employment History
  • 2503-04: Dockworker, Eavesdown Docks
  • 2504-06: Apprentice to information broker Arkady Kaminsky
  • 2506-07: Freelance agent
  • 2510-19: Information Broker, Hired Gun, Bodyguard
  • 2519: Corsair, Arctic Raider
  • 2520: Security Officer, Apollo
  • 2520-22: Executive Officer, Chaos Theory
  • 2522: Captain, Chaos Theory
  • 2522: Freelancer, Eavesdown Docks
  • 2522: Operator, The Regiment
  • 2523: Freelancer, Eavesdown Docks
Personal Notes

Character pic by Ashlyn Tanner

Madison Radcliffe (2487-2523) - aka Matty - has been a pirate, a crew member of the Chaos Theory and worked as an information broker at Eavesdown Docks when she was shot and killed by a sniper.



  • 2487 - Madison Radcliffe born in Soyuz Mining Settlement, St. Albans
  • 2490 - Younger brother, Mikhail born
  • 2503 - Madison Radcliffe leaves St. Albans
  • 2504 - Madison Radcliffe becomes an information broker 'apprentice'
  • 2506 - War puts a stop to Madison's career plans.
  • 2507 - Joins the Browncoats after her brother (17) is killed
  • 2511 - War ends. Matty goes back to Persephone

PC Timeline

  • 2519 - Joins the crew of The Arctic Raider, renamed to Liberty's Redemption
  • 2520 - Joins the crew of the luxury liner, Apollo
  • 2520 - Matty joins Salvation II with other Apollo crewmembers
  • 2520 - Salvation II renamed Chaos Theory by new Captain, Sujiko Tokari
  • 2520 - (October) Sujiko and Matty are engaged; engagement doesn't last
  • 2521 - (February) Matty is abducted by Paul Horizon and held for ransom
  • 2521 - (May) Chaos Crew vs. Russian mafia at Soyuz Mining
  • 2521 - (July) Attack by Reavers on Lilac, which Matty barely survives
  • 2521 - (September) Sujiko goes to school, leaving Matty in command
  • 2521 - (September) Finds out there is a hit on her head
  • 2521 - (Sep/Oct) Falls off the wagon and starts drinking heavily
  • 2521 - (October) Matty puts Ashlyn in command of the Chaos Theory
  • 2521 - (November) Goes through rehab with the help of the Chaos Crew
  • 2522 - (January) The Chaos Theory assists Invictus crew at Whitefall
  • 2522 - (January) Starts drinking again
  • 2522 - (March) Disembarks Chaos Theory to meet with Naiya Beddau while the crew does a cargo run
  • 2522 - (April) Arranges meeting between Naiya Beddau and Arkady Kaminsky
  • 2522 - (April) Matty is nearly killed by members of the Russian mafia who are out for revenge
  • 2522 - (May) Firefight on Paquin, involving slavers and Redemption and Chaos crew. Slavers lose
  • 2522 - (May) Matty flies the Chaos Theory to Persephone to 'rescue' Lucinda, after receiving a WAVE from the doctor
  • 2522 - (May) Attends a party on New Tortuga
  • 2522 - (June) Takes Captaincy of the Chaos Theory
  • 2522 - (August) Chaos Theory lost, Matty settles at Eavesdown Docks
  • 2522 - (August) Security consultant for Guan-Yin
  • 2522 - (September) Ends contract with Guan-Yin
  • 2522 - (October) Purchases LRS Tereshkova
  • 2522 - (December) Joins The Regiment
  • 2523 - (January) Leaves The Regiment
  • 2523 - (January) Shot to death at Eavesdown Docks

Pre-PC History


Growing up on St. Albans taught Madison the meaning of family and loyalty from early on. Her parents were members of a small mining community, where life was hard and the weather harsher. She was given a basic education, learning enough to get by on the central planets if the need ever arose, but the idea was that she'd remain on St. Albans to become the next generation of miners there. Madison had other ideas, though and even if her ties to the community and her parents were very strong, she wanted to see more of the 'Verse. So at just sixteen, she made it to a border planet by exchanging labour on a freighter in return for passage to Persephone, where she found work as a dockworker at Eavesdown.

Teen Years

Just a few months into her new life on Persephone, Madison found out that being a dockworker is not the best paying job at Eavesdown. Rather, as the young girl had a good look around, it seemed the information brokers were making a lot more cash for a lot less effort. So she went looking for someone who would take her in as an 'apprentice'. It took her a good six months to worm her way into the circle of information brokers and another four to find someone who would teach her the ropes. And Madison was a quick to pick up the trade, which was lucky as just a year or so into her apprenticeship, war broke out, causing her mentor Arkady Kaminsky to deem the task of training a new info-broker to risky in such times.

So Madison had to find a new profession. With war on the rise, being more or less neutral was not easy and while she sided with the Independents, she had no intention of becoming a soldier. Instead, she started to frequent bars favoured by Alliance soldiers, hoping to pick up bits and pieces of intelligence, she would then pass on to Browncoat agents. It was a living that proved hazardous at best, life threatening at worst, but the young Madison persisted, but also picked up a habit of substance abuse. Drugs, alcohol, gambling. She never did pick up any pivotal or vital information; just small and almost useless rumours here and there, rarely a word about troop movement from a private who had a few too many drink.


Then one day, news reached her that her brother had not only signed on with the Browncoats, but had also been killed in his first battle and she did what she had sworn she would never do; she enlisted with the Independents and was shipped off to basic training just two hours later (fic).

She served as a corporal in Sergeant Harrison's squad throughout the war, on Santo and Athens. She was wounded at least once (fic) and rescued off Athens by a group of kids calling themselves The Young Saviors. It was during the war that she was given the nickname 'Squirrel' because she always horded the packs of peanuts from MREs and it is the reason for the tattoo on her left shoulder.


Since the war, she's been scrounging a living by using the skills she's learned before, during and after the war; being a gun for hire, an information broker and bodyguard for anyone willing to pay the price.

PC History


Liberty's Redemption (Arctic Raider)

After years of roaming the streets of Eavesdown, Matty had had enough of that life and went looking for a ship to sail with. Having spent a good amount of time involved with the shadier elements of the 'Verse, she didn't consider it much of a change to join up with a pirate crew. Sailing with the Arctic Raider (named Liberty's Redemption at the time) wasn't all that Matty had thought. With Captain Frost being MIA and the acting Captain Ivy not around much more, the ship was left to run cargo under the command of Midshipman Grey. Disliking the atmosphere on the leaderless ship more and more, she up and left, seeking a new ship to fly on.


She went from one extreme to another and joined the crew of the luxury liner Apollo, under the command of Captain Aradia Brooks. During her time on Apollo, Matty made many friends; Josephine Lefevre, Richard 'Hatch' Halpin and Sujiko Tokari among them. She had a crush on Hatch, but somehow ended up with Sujiko.

But the stint with the Apollo did not last either. Less than a year after she had joined the crew, Captain Aradia Brooks was replaced and so was her crew.

Chaos Theory


Matty took a trip to Newhall with another crewmember, Sujiko Tokari, where the two of them blackmailed Garren Harold into signing over a firefly transport to them. As neither Sujiko or Matty – at the time – had no desire for command, the ship was signed over to Kelly Kincaid with the understanding that they were assured jobs on the ship, which was named Salvation II.

Not long after, Captain Kincaid fell ill and was unable to fulfill his duties as the commanding officer and since the XO was his lover, the ship was left without an acting captain, so Sujiko assumed command and has held it since. Matty was made the executive officer at the same time and the ship was (aptly) renamed Chaos Theory.

In October of 2520, Sujiko asked Matty to marry him. She said yes and they returned to St. Albans to visit Matty parents and deliver the good news with the intent on getting married right then and there. But tradition speaks loudly on St. Albans and Matty’s mother wouldn’t allow them to get married until they had been engaged for at least two months. A wise move on Anna Radcliffe’s part as the engagement didn’t last and the couple broke up just a few months later, ostensibly because they were just too different to be romantically involved. They remain friends, though, and Matty still flies with the Chaos Theory.


In February, 2521, Matty went to Boros to claim her brother's ashes and bring them to St. Albans for burial. She never even got past the spaceport as a man named Horizon intercepted her and knocked her out, then somehow got her from Boros to Newhall, where he held her hostage. The reason would soon be obvious as Horizon turned out to be Savannha's father and he wanted Savannha back, apparently to complete her 'training'. No one on the Chaos Theory were willing to make that bargain and Matty was rescued from Paul Horizon in a swift, but somewhat confused raid. (Logs: 1, 2, 3)

In May, 2521, Matty lost contact with the settlement and convinced the captain and crew of the Chaos Theory to fly to St. Albans to check on her family. What happened out there was not totally unexpected and the miners were freed from being held hostage by the Russian mafia and then evacuated to a new location by the crew of the Chaos Theory. More info

Barely a couple of months later, Matty would be standing at death's door after an attack by Reavers, during the wedding of Delilah's cousin on Lilac. While the crew and the locals were successful in fending off the Reavers, hardly anyone walked away without a scratch. Matty stood in the way of a cannon shell and was shredded by shrapnel, which sent her into shock. If not for the efforts of new crewmember and doctor, Lucinda Delray, Matty would have died right there on Lilac. Lucinda saved Matty's life again, as the Chaos Theory made a mad dash to Ariel, restarting her heart as she went into cardiac arrest from the shock. Having made it to the hospital and through surgery, it was later found out that Delilah suffered from amnesia and couldn't remember anything from her time spent with the crew of the Chaos Theory. Luckily Delilah's memory returned eventually and she was released (or escaped) from hospital and returned to the Chaos Theory. (Logs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Not long after the Chaos Theory had landed at Ariel, Ashlyn's brother James came for a visit after having seen the news of the ship's reported 'crash'. One night, when James and Matty had a chance to chat, he broke the news that he had been with her brother Mikhail when he died and that his last words had been 'Tell my sister I love her. Even though she always picked on me.'. (Log)

Having found out that James had a bounty on his head, Matty started making a few inquiries with some old aquaintances and made contact with Arkady Kaminsky again, hoping that he might be able to find some information for her. As part of the payment, Kaminsky asked Matty to join him at Emeisa Hilton's masquerade ball, where she and a ballroom full of other guest where held hostage by commandoes for a few hours. Rather than facing interrogation by Alliance federals, Matty jumped out a window and slipped away before she could be indentified and questioned. (Logs:1, 2)

A few days later, she learned that she herself had apparently crossed paths with Ashlyn's brother, James, without knowing it. She had participated in a mission to take out a Santo noble's smuggling and slaverunning business. A mission for which there is now a bounty out on James to silence him. Whether there are bounties out on the rest of the soldiers participating in that mission remains unclear. (Log) The story didn't end there, however. Soon after, Ashlyn was kidnapped and held for the ransom of James, but no one on the Chaos Theory would allow him to exchange himself for his sister, so the crew went off to rescue her. Luckily, they succeeded and everyone escaped alive, while all but one of the three hitmen were killed. (Logs: 1, 2, 3). Just a few days later, having made contact with her old mentor Arkady Kaminsky, Matty found out that not only was there a hit out on her own head, but also on everyone of the people in the squad she'd served with during the war, many of them already dead or missing.

In the weeks and months after the events on St. Albans and Lilac, Matty fell deeper and deeper into alcohol abuse and becoming the de facto leader of the Chaos Theory when Sujiko left to take some classes on Londinium, leaving her in charge of the ship, she only got worse and withdrew further and further into herself. After a visit from Sujiko and conversations with others of the crew, she finally faced her demons and decided to quit drinking. She passed the Captaincy on to Ashlyn to focus on getting back on her feet. (Logs: 1, 2)

Having picked up a couple of passengers (Fortesque Longfellow and Loenie), the Chaos Theory went out to St. Albans to drop them off, but once in orbit around the planet, an explosive went off in the engineroom, killing Ashlyn's brother James and leaving the rest of the crew in mortal danger. Thanks to Matrix and Bishop, the ship was landed safely at Baikil Mining, but it was found out during the scuffle to rescue the ship that Morris had been the culprit who had set the explosives. The man killed himself before the crew could interrogate him further. (Log)

Around Christmas, Delilah was told that James had been killed and she felt the need to leave the Chaos Theory for a while and took refuge on Captain Grey's ship, the Invictus.


In January, Grey sends a WAVE to Matty, telling her that the Invictus has been attacked by Reavers and that Delilah has been injured. The Chaos Theory sets off to Whitefall to assist in the cleaning up and supplying Grey's new ship with what can be spared from the firefly. Events lead Matty to start drinking again. (Log)

In late March, Matty disembarks the Chaos Theory to meet with Naiya Beddau regarding a potentially profitably deal, while the Chaos crew does a cargo run. (Log) During her time on Persephone, while the Chaos Theory is away, Matty starts to consider her future, doubting her commitment and place on the ship. While staying away from the ship (under the pretense of wanting to avoid the flu going around), she helped Captain Beddau by arranging a meeting with Arkady Kaminsky. (Log)

After leaving Long Leg Sally's one afternoon in April, Matty was dragged into an alley by half a dozen Russian speaking men, claiming they had a score to settle with her. What kind of score was never mentioned, but it was clear that these men were from the Russian mafia and out for revenge for what happened on St. Albans in May, 2521. Having managed to get out a distress call, Matty was saved by the crew of Chaos Theory, who came to her aid. In the following shoot-out, five Russian mafia men were shot and injured and their leader was shot dead by Torres. Matty was shot once by the Russians' leader and caugh a stray bullet fired by Matrix. The new crew of the Chaos Theory, Chade was wounded in the shoot-out as well. Matty was taken to Lucinda Delray's Medical Wellness Clinic for treatment, where the doctor recruited Ashlyn and Torres as scrub nurses for Matty's surgery. (Logs: 1, 2) Matty spent a couple of weeks at Lucinda's clinic and was then sent back to the Chaos Theory to continue recuperating in the firefly's medbay.

Not even a month later, the Chaos Theory and it's crew saw trouble of the gunfiring kind again. Parked on Paquin after following Redemption there, the Chaos crew walked right into trouble that had come looking for Grey. Slavers had come looking for him, wanting their 'goods' back and the incident quickly escalated into a firefight, Redemption crew and Chaos crew on one side and slavers on the other. Matty walked away without incurring new injuries, but Matrix was shot in the leg and four of the Remdemptions crew injured as well. (Logs: 1, 2)

Barely two days later, Matty received a WAVE from Lucinda in which the doctor meant to warn the XO that the Russians are still looking for her. However, Lucinda appeared on camera wounded and Matty panicked and after a short conference with Ashlyn on comms, she took the Chaos Theory back to Persephone to seek out the doctor. She and Torres found Lucinda in her clinic, having sent away the EMTs Matty had called for and having given herself a blood transfusion. Luckily, the Captain of the Guan-Yin, Olivia Piper had come to pick up some medicine and was able to help in saving Lucinda's life. (Logs: 1, 2, 3)

Late in May, Matty went off to New Tortuga to attend a party thrown by Frost's pirates. Curiosity made her go, but she ended up having a good time after all and came out of there alive as well. (Logs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

In June, Matty was forced to take Captaincy of the Chaos Theory, after Ashlyn left the ship for greener pastures.

In August, the Chaos Theory met with a disastrous engine failure on a cargo run between Persephone and Whitefall, leaving the ship stranded in space while the crew shuttled back to Persephone for new parts. Upon returning to the coordinates, the Chaos Theory was no longer there and nowhere to be found nearby. Matty gave up trying to find it almost instantly and settled back into life at Eavesdown Docks.


Not long after losing the Chaos Theory, Matty took a job as a security consultant on the Guan-Yin, having been contacted by her friend Eyvindr Bjarnarsun, helping to prepare the ship for a trip to troubled Verbena. Stopping at Hera, Matty was reunited with her old friend Misha, who was brought on board to help find potential bombs. Stopping at Regina, the Guan-Yin meant to provide aid to the miners of the planet, but the terrorists turned up and a gunfight ensued. Several people were shot and at least one terrorist was killed, while most of the Guan-Yin's crew and friends got away with no more than scrapes. Shortly after the battle, the Guan-Yin lifted off and retreated to Persephone. (Log: Part I, Part II)

In September, Matty returned to Regina with the crew of the Guan-Yin. During a quiet time there, she was confronted by Bradley about her relationship with the Russian mafia and because he wouldn't back off, Matty ended up losing her temper with the man (Log). Not long after, another gunbattle ensued between the Guan-Yin crew, their Alliance escort and Miners for Freedom. The miners once against lost and many were killed, while others retreated. (Logs: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV). Later that month, Matty ended her contract with Guan-Yin and headed back to Persephone in search of a new contract or short term job.

The Regiment

In December, 2522 Matty joined Eeben Barlow's private militia known as The Regiment. She didn't stay long with the Regiment. After a disastrous, though not failed mission to Greenleaf, she decided that the type of work Barlow had to offer wasn't her cup of tea and went back to Eavesdown to take up her information broker duties.

Freelancer Again

After a brief detour to Ezra, Matty soon found herself back on her old stomping grounds.


On the last day of January, 2523, Matty was shot and killed by a sniper at Eavesdown Docks and while members of the Redemption attempted to save her life, her wounds were too severe and she died from bloodloss.


  • Speaks English, Chinese and Russian
  • Has a tattoo of a reddish-brown squirrel on her left shoulder
  • Has an X-shaped scar on the outside of her right calf
  • Has a beagle named Misha
  • Owns a dirtbike that looks ancient, but runs very well
  • Lives in a small flat in Eavesdown Slums
  • Good at different accents; Core, Border, Rim

Alliance Record

This is IC information.
Official record for Madison Radcliffe. To be used only by those with access to Alliance records.

  • Un-trialed Corporal of Independent Army.
  • January 01, 2520: Arrested for obstruction of justice. (Log) Released 72 hours later. No charges filed. Received medical attention on board IAV Pathmaker.
  • Known ex-crewmember of the faction now under the leadership of Admiral Frost.
  • Weapons Permit, Level 2, issued March 15, 2522

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