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Mack Trent
Full name MacKenna Kate Trent (age 25)
Date of Birth 2nd Feb 2499
Birthplace Dyton
Parents Sarah and Jack
Siblings None
Assignment Alliance
Specialization Investigation, interrogation, annihilation, err, getting the arrest
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown hair, brown eyes
Height and Weight 5'6, 120#
Status Active

"At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst." - Aristotle.

Mack in Brief

As purple as they come, she's making a career of the Alliance, in fact, there's not much else to her life at the moment. She lives for the ki..collar.


Mid-length dark hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail, displaying her widow's peak and revealing her strong features. Her eyes are dark brown and intense in expression, brows just slightly arched and beneath a straight nose, a full, unsmiling mouth. She is somewhere around 5'6 and while femininely curved, her figure would be described as athletic, lean muscle evident in the way she carries herself.

She is sharply dressed in black slacks and a black blouse, her shoes of course, black with low heels. A messenger's bag is slung across her body, the strap sometimes obscuring the badge at her hip and the gun at her back.



Early Life IC Common Knowledge or easily found via Cortex

Mack was born and raised on Dyton. Her parents have arrest records as long as your arm for drug related crimes, battery, and theft and she hasn't seen them since she left. She was friends with a girl named Cassandra Dillon who left Dyton to pursue a musical career about six years ago. Mack looks out for Cass's mom, Maggie, and sees her often.

Growing Up OOC

There are always skeletons in closets and hers take the shape of a life lived on the streets or in the shadows in her own home learning to be unseen, unheard, overlooked. The flip side of that is sometimes having witnessed things a child shouldn't see. Her nightmares consist of needles and desperation. Sometimes the desperate scream in anger, sometimes they sob in sheer sorrow, sometimes their expression is so blank that you'd think they were dead, and inside, they probably are. The only good that came of it was a cherished friend in Cassandra and a ticket out of that hellhole and into the Alliance, where everything makes sense.


Mack joined up like any other recruit, she had no special training or skills to offer but she blossomed in the military, professionally at least. She trained hard, studied hard, worked hard, and finally found a place she felt safe, basking in the smallest approval from her superiors but never showing it. Her entire life has been a study in masking emotion, and finally conquering it, it makes her a good cop, so she thinks.




Mack is a pandora's box. Or maybe a treasure chest. Or maybe.. she's just an empty box. She is focused, intense, even stern, though she's working on being a little more personable at the behest of her superiors. She is methodical in her work, dedicated to her career, and loyal to her very few friends.


Take down criminals til the day she dies, and take one with her, then.


It's either legal or it's not, she has no tolerance for the latter. She is naive in that respect, walking such a rigid line, she will probably learn that the hard way one day.


Fresh bread. She won't eat it any other way. Training. She really is addicted to it.

Mack undercover.jpg


Ashley: A solid cop, a solid guy. He's probably too good a person to be in the Alliance.

Rolf: Who knew a simple wager could have so much at stake.

Sec Def: One of the few people I trust and hope makes good on his promises.

Juliet: A little spitfire of a doc, glad she's on my case, literally.

Jacy: I'll never quite understand the Navy.

Adrian: I still say I kicked his ass.

Chloe: Stay out of my head, woman.