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Multi Use Land Equipment (M.U.L.E., or "Mule") is the generic name for a class of land vehicles, used for hauling cargo and things like that.

The following commands are available on the M.U.L.E.:

MHELP - Displays this screen
Drive <Mule ID> - Sets you up as the driver.
Park <Mule ID> - Removes you as the driver.
Ride <Mule ID> - Sets you up as a rider.
Unride <Mule ID> - Removes you as a rider.
Load <cargo ID> - Loads <cargo> on to the M.U.L.E.
Unload <cargo ID> - Unloads <cargo> from the M.U.L.E.
Mdisembark - Causes the M.U.L.E. to disembark from a ship.
Mboard <ship> - Causes the M.U.L.E. to board a ship.

NOTE: You do NOT enter this mule. You perform the DRIVE or the RIDE command
and you will be set up to use the mule. To move simply move to other rooms
as usual, EXCEPT for disembarking and boarding a ship. Ya Hspace *wink*

A.T.V. M.U.L.E.

A four wheeled vehicle used to move persons and cargo from one place to another. The driver sits forward like on an A.T.V., and the passengers sit behind. Typically, only four people can fit on a M.U.L.E with a full load, and for safety reasons only six passengers when empty.

Hover M.U.L.E.

Hover M.U.L.E.s are also available, in different sizes.

Small Hover Mule: 1500 credits Large Hover Mule: