Lyn Grant

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Lyn Grant
Full name Lynnette Marie Tudor Grant
Date of Birth 16 Novenber 2500
Parents *Lord Admiral David Tudor Grant
  • Contessa Elizabeth Spencer Faldor
Siblings None
Spouse None
Assignment Chief Engineer, Traveller
Specialization Ships Engines
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes, Black hair
Height and Weight 5' 7", 135#
Status Deceased
Education Information
  • Any number of Private girls schools on Londinium, and Ariel.
  • Alliance Naval Academy Osiris and Newhall.
Military Service

Alliance Naval Service. Honorably DischargedFirst Lieutenant

  • ASREV Quaestor Persephone


She is the only child Of Lord High Admiral, Duke of Huntingdonshire, David Tudor Grant and Contessa Elizabeth Faldor. She was raised on Londinium for most of her life attending the best schools and being totally spoiled. When she was 17 she ran off and got a job as a ship's engineer on the Mai Si. It was not long before her father found her and she was brought home and enrolled in the Naval Academy. She actually liked it. After a teenaged life of rebellion she seemed to find her niche. Her first and only posting was to the Quaestor stationed on Persephone. Under the command of her Uncle Lord General Spencer-Marlbourgh. At the end of her tour of duty she decided not to re up. Lieutenant Lynette Grant opted to discharge. She joined the crew of the Fools Errand. Became their Chief Engineer until her father dragged her back to Londinium. Once there she convinced him that She was happiest on the Errand and he let her return. She began seeing Laurent McCain socially and moved in with him shortly there after. They lived either at his estate on Paquin of his Ship the gunrunner. Lynette Grant was active in her mother Charities. She died of complications of an aneurism.



Tall about 5'7" and weighing about 135, She is muscular and yet trim. Her black hair is begining to grow out and so is short and shaggy. Her dark eyes are framed by dark thick lashes. Her black nicely shaped brows are pierced at the ends with a silver ring each. Her straight nose has a silver colored stone. Her lips are a nice peach color. Her tongue is pierced with a silver dumbell. Both ears sport a number of rings up and around the woral.
The dress is soft cotton in pale leaf green. The spaghetti straps emphasize her narrow shouders and sexy clavicals. The scooped neckline draws attention to her well formed muscles that support perfectly shaped curves. The dress stops just above mid thigh. Her long elegant legs emphasize the shortness of the dress. She wears yellow leather sandals. Her toenails are painted green. She tends to wear designer clothing.

Distinguishing Marks

  • Lots and lots of piercings