Lupa Ferreli

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Lupa Ferreli


"My aunt'n uncle made a right good woman outta me. Ain't expectin right or good from anyone else." - Lupa 'Kid' Ferreli

Lupa Ferreli
Full name
  • Lupa Ferreli
Date of Birth
  • 04/23/2510
  • Father: Malcolm Ferreli (Deceased).
  • Mother: Patricia Ferreli (Deceased).
  • Molly Ferreli (Deceased).
  • Daniel Ferreli (Deceased).
  • Jacob Ferreli (Deceased).
  • Miles Ferreli (Alive).
  • Danica Ferreli (Alive).
  • N/A.
  • N/A.
  • Free to party.
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Blonde hair, Brown Eyes
Height and Weight
  • 1.63m, 50 kg
Education Information



Lupa is a short (5'4") but svelte young woman with golden hair and soft brown eyes that underlay a keen mind and acute character. Often she is seen in utilitarian attire of jeans, a tanktop of varying earth colors, and cowboy boots with a knife tucked into the top of her right boot. A Winchester rifle tends to hang on over her right shoulder over her brown leather duster with a series of throwing knives hanging on her belt.


Lupa Ferreli is the youngest of six children. Born to ranchers on Whitefall, Lupa enjoyed the early life of learning the trades associated with maintaining the animals and home. Like all the children, Lupa was trained to fire a rifle, ride, rope, and care for the herd from an early age in case of Reaver attacks. At the age of ten she lost her parents and three of her siblings in one such raid before she and her remaining siblings moved to stay with their aunt and uncle. Lupa's uncle was one of the few remaining gunsmiths on Whitefall and as such she took to the trade. Always having an analytical mind Lupa began to scavenge for various parts, most of which were left over from passing transports or given to her in trade for helping look over or fix their ships. Lupa learned how to work on many of the parts and managed to start salvaging them to her aunt and uncle's dismay. Aside from her tinkering she helped continue running the ranch with her remaining siblings and family. Her aunt and uncle, like her parents, were gifted ranchers and that trait seemed to pass to Lupa with her innate love of nature and animals. There were many times she would stay out and find a sick or wounded animal or even care for one that many would consider lost. It wasn't much surprise Lupa had little desire to initially leave her home. She started a collection of literal junk and by eighteen was making a little money selling repaired parts and fixing firearms alongside her uncle. However, the transports started becoming fewer and fewer and even the reavers seemed to only come from time to time with each passing year. In many ways Lupa blamed herself with the nightmares, believing herself to be a magnet for bad luck. It was that reason for her finally picking up what she could carry and heading to Persephone to strike out a life beyond her home and see what good she could bring back.

Recent Events

  • Lupa has recently left Whitefall with little more than she could carry.
  • Lupa is looking for work.


Lupa is a courteous young woman when approached. While her general demeanor is pleasent and she understands proper old fashioned etiquette she tends to not engage others unless troubled by them. When engaged she is polite but often distant with others less she knows them. The few that she does know and have earned her trust tend to know how deep that loyalty goes.


  • Lupa is often called 'kid' or two other names she is not fond of: Loops or Loopy
  • Lupa has a love for the outdoors and often seems more at ease in nature than man-made cities.
  • Lupa has a distinct drawl even when speaking Chinese that sometimes causes mispronunciation.
  • Lupa prefers to have her Winchester rifle on her at all times. She rarely will give it up and often only by threat of force.
  • Lupa likewise swears to the greatness of Winchester. Some say she is married to that brand and even sleeps with one for comfort at night.


"your words here" - Lupa Ferreli

RP Hooks

  • Greenhorn - Lupa is new to the verse at large and is looking to learn the ropes.
  • Cowgirl lost in space - Lupa has a natural connection with nature and the old-fashioned ideals of Whitefall's ranchers. While many might find her ways odd she's a sight to see.



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