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Full name Ningxai Lu Chu
Date of Birth July 1, 2509
Parents Ningxai Hong - Father

Ningxai Bai - Mother

Siblings 3 younger siblings, sisters
Spouse None
Assignment Unemployed
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown/Brown
Height and Weight 5'2"/105 pounds
Status Active
Education Information

Private tutors

Military Service


Pre-IC History

Ningxai Lu Chu grew up on Persephone, the eldest child out of four girls born to Ningxai Hong and his wife, Bai in one of Persephone's more influential cities. Keeping to many of the traditions of those Chinese from Earth-that-Was, Lu Chu and her sisters were kept a close eye on, made sure that they'd behave as proper little ladies should. Without a son to pass on the business to, Hong taught Lu Chu about the finer workings of their shop, showing her how to run things as well as how one manages the buying and transport of the wares they sold. These lessons began when she was twelve and were interspersed with the daily tutoring the Ningxai girls were given at home as well as lessons in firearms use and martial arts, lessons her parents insisted upon since they demanded their daughters be able to defend themselves.

As a teen Lu Chu rebelled and would often sneak out of her room to meet boys with the few girl friends she had managed to make, girls of similar upbringing who wanted for nothing to be out from under their parents' thumbs. Imagine her parents' shock when they found out. Lu Chu was forbidden from spending any more time with the other kids and kept on a very short leash, Hong in particular disappointed in how their eldest daughter all but brought shame to their family.

The next eight years would be spend getting herself back on the good graces of her parents although the relationship with her mother would always be strained and the one with her father kept almost professional instead of the nurturing one she had with him as a girl. Desperate, she sought ways to make it right, behaving properly and pouring herself into her studies and her father's continuing instruction.

Once she turned twenty-five she realized that she wanted to see more of the world she called home. Granted permission from her parents, she was dropped off in Eavesdown, left to find employment that would not only further hone her as the heir to her family's business and wealth but to prove herself worthy of the title 'daughter'.

IC History

  • April 15, 2534 - Lucy arrives at Eavesdown Docks. Meets Leutrim Donnchadh. He offered to escort her to the Helios Grand Hotel. Contact information was exchanged as was a promise from her to get in touch.


Lu Chu, or Lucy as she often prefers to be called, is outwardly a woman who is what might be considered 'typical' for one of her ethnicity. Subservient, she will go out of her way to insure someone's happiness and comfort, putting that of others before her own needs. She also goes out of her way to avoid conflict, preferring to talk her way out of conflict instead of getting into fights.

Lucy is very resolute when it comes to her morals and is very seldom able to be deterred from them, her code of ethics and core beliefs not something she's able to be removed of easily. This makes her very trust-worthy and loyal, a woman who could very easily be friends for life with the right people, if allowed.

Buried deep inside, however, is a bit of that wild child she had to lock away as a girl, the part of her that loves to have fun and party, the part of her that brought no small amount of shame to the Ningxai name.

Fun Facts