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Full name Lucretia Rendolin
Date of Birth February 14 2506
Parents PJ Rendolin, father; Loren Rendolin, mother
Siblings Verginia (Ginny) Rendolin, sister; Amar Rendolin, uncle
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Security; Valiant
Specialization Culinary arts
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue/brown
Height and Weight 5'8", 135
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Home schooled.


Born into a widely respected military family, Lucretia has had to live her life in the shadows of those around her -- those more military minded. Up until she was twelve, life was fairly uneventful. Then IT happened. The mysterious event she can't seem to get anyone in her family to answer any questions about. One day Uncle Amar was there, and the next he wasn't. Her family maintains that uncle Amar is dead, but Lucy always believed otherwise. Her belief was only strengthened when she received an anonymous, recently dated photo of a man that looked strikingly similar to her 'deceased' uncle. The moment she graduated from high school, she was pressured to join the Alliance. When that didn't happen, an arranged marriage was set up for her. That didn't happen either. Lucy was effectively disowned after these incidents when she further rocked the boat by announcing that she was going to find out what happened to Amar once and for all. She was told never to come back, lest she be met with a bullet in the head. For a while she traveled the 'Verse, searching out her uncle and for the answers she knew he had. She eventually found him, and while she hasn't gotten the answers she wants out of him yet, she's happy to have found something of a kindred spirit in the man. Lucy suddenly abandoned her post aboard the Valiant to do charity and shepherd work in the depths of the Black. Hopefully she doesn't get eaten by Reavers. (NOTE: Lucy WILL be returning to the game. Some day!)


Lucy is generally the odd woman out in her family, preferring cook books and sketch pads to combat strategy and land mines. She's genuinely sweet and nice -- perhaps a bit too much at times. People may see her as an easy mark, but the girl is far from stupid -- just a touch naive. Lucy is the type of girl who would go out of her way to do just about anything for anyone. If someone won't tell her what's wrong, she'll usually jam a few dozen fattening cookies down their throats. Lucy could be viewed by some as unrefined or uncultured, though her intelligence more than makes up for her rough edges.


2506 Born to PJ and Loren Rendolin, along with twin sister Verginia, on February 14.
2525 Gets hired as security detail aboard the Valiant by Captain Teller Munro in mid June.


Amar Rendolin Lucy's long lost uncle who is apparently alive! And yay, he's not a total dick! There's a lot of catching up to do. Lucy still intends to get to the bottom of whatever triggered Amar's disowning. The man seems tight-lipped about it all. Clearly she needs to bake him a cake or fifteen.

Mardi Lucretia tentatively calls this girl her girlfriend. They met the day after Christmas in Persephone. Mardi got squishied by a crate she was trying to put on a MULE, so Lucy swooped in for the save. A bit of chicken noodle soup later and the girls were gabbing up a storm. A heart to heart later and the girls were living together in the Helios. The two haven't seen each other in quite some time for whatever reason, and Lucretia has grown into a shadow of her former self in the other woman's absence.

Beckett Lucy is hesitant to call this woman a friend. Beckett is rude, abrasive, and crude. And yet Lucy isn't really buying into all of that. Robin's dragon lady act is being taken with a grain of salt for the moment. She hopes that they can be friendlier in the future, though for now she keeps Beckett at arm's length.

Teller Munro Lucretia found herself in Osiris one day and unexpectedly met this man whilst admiring his ship. They engaged in a nice conversation, and in a spur of the moment decision, Lucretia asked if he needed any help on the ship. She was hired for security detail -- not her ideal station, but one she isn't complaining about either. Not to mention she loves the ship.

Burn Kim Burn is a teeny tiny itty bitty widdle Asian girl that Lucy kind of adores. Burn always has her hair done in crazy ways and she talks like a hick, too. Both girls seem to have an affinity for everything that is amazingly unladylike. Lucy plans on being BFF with Burn. FOREVER.

Siegfried Von Heilden A cute but odd little guy who flies the ship. He's very easy on the eyes and Lucretia enjoys spending time with him in the cockpit. He's really super short and likes to scream random things over the intercom. Lucretia likens him to a squirrel; cute, small and wily, but easy to capture with a paper bag. Or something.


Lucretia suffers from monochromacy, also known as total color blindness. Everything is gray scale to her. This makes picking out clothes a little bit difficult, to say the least.

Lucy is also nearly deathly allergic to peanuts. Even if she touches peanut product, then accidentally wipes her mouth, she could be done for, depending on the trace amounts. Taking the fact that she's also got a horribly high tolerance for medication, this has made for some close calls in the past.

Distinguishing Marks

You can usually tell Lucretia a mile away by the sheer ugliness of the clothing she wears. She can't help it, she's color blind!

There is a small crescent shaped scar on her chin, a result of falling on a glass bottle when playing as a child.


Lucretia, My Reflection by The Sisters of Mercy - We got the empire, now as then/We don't doubt, we don't take direction/Lucretia, my reflection/Dance the ghost with me. [1]

That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings - They call me Hell/They call me Stacy/They call me her/They call me Jane/That's not my name! [2]

Walk on the Moon by Asobi Seksu - I saw the photograph/An image of you/Things have never looked, looked like this/It's never been like this/I'm just swimming in gray. [3]

A Night Like This by The Cure - I'm coming to find you if it takes me all night/Can't stand here like this anymore/For always and ever is always for you/I want it to be perfect like before/I want to change it all. [4]

Don't Give a Damn by Chairlift - For six years I've waited/Angry and frustrated/I don't give a damn anymore. [5]

The Reason Why by Rachael Yamagata - So I will head out alone/And hope for the best/We can hang our heads down as we skip the goodbyes/You can tell the world what you want them to hear/I've got nothing left to lose, my dear/So I'm up for the little white lies/But you and I/Know the reason why/I'm gone and you're still there. [6]

Likes & Dislikes

General likes: Cooking, reading, drawing, Baby Jesus, rifles, target practice, pillow fights
General dislikes: Pre-packaged and canned food, takeout, things that make Baby Jesus cry, mean people, colors
Favorite person: Uncle Amar and Burn! ..And Jesus too.
Least favorite person: No one, she loves everyone. ..Alright, maybe Ronel when he makes her do chin-ups.
Favorite color: What the Hell is color?
Least favorite color: Grey.
Favorite animal: Whatever doesn't eat her face off.
Least favorite animal: Whatever eats her face off.
Guilty pleasure: Guns. And licking the bowl after baking a cake.
Nicknames: Lu, Lucy, Lucky, Lulu (people who call her this are going to special Hell)

Trivia & RP hooks

  • Completely color blind.
  • Amar Rendolin's niece.
  • Often hits people who annoy her with a spoon that she carries in her pocket. Do not screw with Lucy's spoon fu.
  • Serious Biblethumper, though she doesn't often talk about her beliefs at length. Philosophical/debate/clashing belief RP is welcome, if you can drag Lucretia's unique belief system out of her.
  • She loves to cook! A chef and mother at heart, constantly trying to feed people.
  • She dislikes the Alliance greatly.

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