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Lucky Laughing.jpg
Full name
  • Thomas "Lucky" Beausoleil, Jr.
Date of Birth
  • May 1, 2506
  • Father: Thomas Beausoleil
  • Mother: Candida Beausoleil
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Brown hair, clear blue eyes.
  • Single
Education Information

  • School of Hard Knocks, summa cum laude.


Lucky grew up among the docks of Persephone, under his birth-name Thomas Beausoleil, Jr. His parents were none too rich and were so focused on making their own living as low-level merchants selling books that they didn't have time to supervise a precocious child. As soon as he could get out of having to help out at the store, he was out sweet-talking vendors into freebies and pilots into tours. He could never get the time of day from captains, however, which elevated them into a high status in his mind.

But Lucky got his nickname as a child for a reason: he was ridiculously unlucky. After trying to wheedle a trinket--a small tin telescope--from a fortuneteller, she tried to scare him off by jokingly placing a "curse" on him. He never figured out it was a joke, though, and saw bad luck everywhere.

He started getting "more serious" about becoming a captain in his early teens after finally meeting one of the elusive creatures. Captain Sheridan of the Osprey-class transport Lakshmi--who was pretty much full of empty bluster and swagger--deeply impressed young Lucky, and imprinted forever the idea that someday he might be able to pilot one of these ships off Persephone.

So how did Lucky lose his left arm? Therein lies a tale . . . .

Lucky was helping a captain unload his cargo, quizzing him on how he became a captain, when the load in the box he was carrying (black market religious statuary) shifted. It fell over onto Lucky's foot.

Yes, his foot. He howled in pain--several bones were broken--and pushed the box off him. The release of the weight caused him to fall over backwards, his arms flying out to catch him. Unfortunately, his right arm ended up caught under the wheels of a mule, breaking the bone in several places.

Yes, his right arm. With the broken bones, Lucky got picked up by a stretcher team to be taken to the docs. But it just so happened that the stretcher team got lost in the docks and were in the wrong place at the wrong time: right behind an engine when it malfunctioned and exploded. Lucky was the only one who survived, although his left arm was more or less severed just below the shoulder. His parents couldn't afford a full bionic replacement, and saved up for a functional hook-and-claw prosthetic. He can nudge, pick up, hold, and scratch, but that's about it.

Recent Events

Lucky's parents passed away about five years ago. He has been scratching out what he can of a living on Persephone, knowing now he is fully on his own.

His fortunes changed--whether for the worse or the better is left as an exercise for the reader--when he managed to be in the way when the Pirate King Frost was confronted by the Alliance on Persephone. The kidnapped "war veteran" mentioned in the Cortex reports was Lucky. He is now a crewmember on the Arctic Raider II.


Terminally perky.

Lucky's personality is a study in the difference between innocence and naivete. He is certainly not an innocent, but he is incomparably naive sometimes.


  • Rand has already nicknamed him "Four Leaf."
  • Morgana: "And put some clothes on, Lucky! You're going to scare the sprogs."