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Full name Lucinda Ilkda Huszar
Date of Birth Dec 21, 2495
Parents Annika and Gavriil Krivelyova
Siblings Seven (oldest to youngest)
  • Dmitri(35m)
  • Alek(32m)
  • Lucinda(herself 29f)
  • Kiryl(26m)
  • Marko(24m)
  • Twins -- Mariya(17f) and Niki(17f)
Spouse Unwed
Assignment None
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Hazel/Black hair
Height and Weight 5'3"/105 pounds
Status Active
Education Information
  • Three years at Ariel Med-School
Military Service


Employment History


Lucinda Huszar (2500-2522)

Born to a large, Russian family on Newhall, Lucinda was the third child in a line of seven to be born. Between two older brothers and two younger brothers and lastly a set of female twins, it may be easy to fathom why Lucinda was often overlooked by the time the family was complete. While her mother initially was very happy to have at last gotten her much wanted baby girl, it was short lived joy and to her mother's utter dismay, as soon as Lucinda was old enough to voice an opinion, the girl was out of the adorable, feminine, pink clothing and skirts her mother attempted to dress her up in and wilfully moved on to something her mother often tactually refers as 'eclectic'. Black is her favoured colour and skirts are a rare found part of her wardrobe. It's not to say that Lucinda is a tomboy by any means, but her preference in clothes often leans to the dark and unusual, perhaps even on the unfeminine side.

For many generations, unknown to Lucinda during her early childhood, her family was and still is deeply involved in the Russian Syndicate. He parents are upper class by day, criminal by night. Her father works whole heartedly for the Syndicate, a ruthless man who is more than willing to do what he needs to do to give his family and his Russian co-workers all they want in life. This is something Lucinda could never understand, once she was gifted with the knowledge of just what her family was involved in. She prefered a pacifist route and couldn't agree with the way her father often stepped on and perhaps even ended the life of 'the little man'. Her mother played blissfully ignorant while raising their well to do family upon dirty money. Her parents, as loving as any criminal family, still insist upon seeing Lucinda from time and time and aside from bringing her two oldest brothers into the family business, it's hard to sight her family with genuine bad marks. But, it is also hard for Lucinda to carry her heavy conscience, knowing full well what her family does to maintain their lifestyle. Hope springs eternal and she still holds tightly onto the far from reach hope that someday her family will 'straighten up and fly right'. Attempting to keep their daughter under their wing, they often send her money which is quickly given away to charities.

The family business was a catching point for Lucinda when it came to her education. While her father wasn't persistent and didn't offer her a position within the Syndicate, they were persistent that she be able to defend herself. In the back of their minds, it was always a thought that their enemies might use their family against them. While initially Lucinda refused, she eventually gave in to her father's purposeful pushing. He was, after all, paying for her education, even if it was dirty money, there was no real harm in her learning how to defend herself, right? With that attempt to ease her conscience, she learned how to handle a weapon while also beginning to attend medical school on Newhall, hoping to obtain her MD.

The breaking point for Lucinda was the accidental shooting of a young woman on the school campus. While Lucinda had never shot at more than a standard target, the reality of what a weapon could do, what blood it could bring and death to follow, was too much for her. Lucinda, more than halfway through medical school, made every attempt to save the young woman's life but her efforts were for naught. The bullet had nicked an artery and the woman bled to death before help could arrive. Lucinda was left devastated, realizing that despite the attempt to turn her parents 'dirty money' into something good and life saving, she was failing. She left school, despite her parents and family objecting loudly, because she could no longer allow herself to take her family's dirty money. If she couldn't pay for medical school herself, then she would have to find something else to do with herself. To this day, she has still to finish medical school, the training she has been picked up has come through real life experience and studying she has done on her own.

For a long time, Lucinda spent most of her time on Persephone. It was a planet that she though of as full of life and culture. For several years after leaving school, she had called Persephone her home. Doing odd jobs, even resorting to using her gun skills, she attempted to keep up her education in the medical field, using second hand manuals that she manages to pick up. For the most part, she was quite content in this almost nomadic way of life. Eventually, she went as far as legally changing her last name, to separate herself further from her Syndicate background.


Lucinda, for the most part, is a quiet figure. Her temper is slow to boil and she's more likely to pull away from violence if the situation doesn't merit, than to go charging in with guns ablaze. Well aware of her families dark side, she attempts to make herself a 'better person'. It's not to say that she is a complete pacifist, but she is definitely not hot headed. Beneath the rather quite demeanour, she does indeed have a sense of humor and has been known now and again to play practical jokes and clown around with those close to her.


The feminine form that is in your field of vision belongs to a woman in her late twenties, stands not an inch over 5'3", and weighs no more than 105 pounds. The small, agile woman is clearly of Eastern European Earth-That-Was descent, complete with a light dusting of olive skin and a stylishly cut length of jet black hair that falls to just around her collarbone. The hair is straight and well kept with some sections of it cut at an angle to give a bit of a rebellious fleer to it.
With dark eye makeup marking her eyes to give her a sultry, ghostly look, her lips are painted a soft dusky rose color that somehow manages to not make her look pale. Attractive by most standards, her body is thin and lightly muscular, more athletic than voluptuous. With a figure that could only be tended through by regular exercise and an intelligent diet, she manages a body weight that appears very natural for her. With thin legs bearing muscular calves, attractive hips, and an athletic upper torso, she seems more flexible than anything immediately concerned with raw physical strength.

Recent History

  • Most recently, Lucinda has been seen in the company of a one eyed Romani that goes by the nickname of Crow. The two came across each other outside one of the bars on Persephone and seem to have almost awkwardly fallen into a relationship of sorts.

This is no love story. As backgrounds between the pair came out into the open, a rather wide array of differences became obvious. When it was discovered that one of Lucinda's Syndicate family members had been the one to inflict the torture that Crow suffered, Lucinda was given a new, heavy guilt to carry, on top of that she already brought into the relationship. Despite their odd backgrounds and Lucinda's offering to help Crow overcome the damage that her family had inflicted, they two continued to be friends and took to traveling together along with Crow's furry companion, Murphy.

  • After nearly eight months of traveling, living and loving, the pair seperated. Crow has since moved on, opening the TheCrowsCage while Lucinda took a position on the Bengalo_Draba. Not completely jiving with the crew, she left to drift for several long months.
  • She briefly took up with Kidd and his shipmates.
  • Finding herself unable to settle with Kidd's crew, she has returned to Persephone and is currently unemployed.
  • After a long while of drifting from job to job, from planet to planet and ship to boat, she ran into a couple of people on Silverhold. After a small radiation scare, she ended signing on for work with Wulver and the Ugly_Duckling_Corporation as security and med help.


  • [1] Heaven is a Lie - Lacuna Coil
  • [2] Mean - Pink
  • [3] Runnin' Up That Hill - Placebo
  • [4] Forever Young - Cover by: Audra Mae
  • [5] John the Revelator - Curtis Stiger & the Forest Rangers
  • [6] 9 Crimes - Damien Rice
  • [7] I Don't Care - Fallout Boy
  • [8] Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) - Alison Krauss & Robert Plant
  • [9] You're Not Sorry - Taylor Swift
  • [10] Hard Row - The Black Keys