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Dr. Lucinda Delray is a fully accredited and licensed surgical physician now centralized on Persephone in the Medical Wellness Clinic off the Spacer's District. Recently she has crewed aboard the Grace O'Malley and unofficially aboard the Chaos Theory though the circumstances revolving around her employment are unknown. She is commonly seen on Persephone, where she is now the Chief Medical Officer of the Medical Wellness Clinic. Lu also makes frequent trips to Ariel where she retains privileges at St. Lucy’s Medical Center, St. Mary's, and St. Catherine's Medical Center.


  • Full Name: Lucinda Lane Delray, M.D.
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 32
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown, wavy
  • Eye Color: Hazel

Taller than most, shorter than some, this woman is long boned and slender. Dark brown hair is pulled back into a haphazard bun that seems barely tamed and fastened with a pair of hand-carved sticks, painted brown with white spots on the tip of which are small rendered hounds. A smatter of freckles across her nose accentuates doe brown eyes. Her smile doesn't seem to come easy, and when it does, it makes the pale skin around her eyes crinkle, belying her age some where in the thirties.

Some how, she always manages to look pressed and starched. Her grey trousers draping crisply over her hips and straight legged down to a pair of utilitarian black boots. She wears a black knit sweater, its collar high on her neck but the sleeves are usually pushed to her elbows. Curiously, around her wrists are concentric rows of black dots, the tattoos seemingly out of place on her person. If not on her, close by is a worn looking leather satchel that she's never long without.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Date of birth: 10-05-2488
  • Birthplace: Eavesdown, Persephone


  • Baccalaureate in Chemistry and Human Biology
University of Ariel School of Medicine
Ariel City, Ariel (2505-2511)

  • Doctor of Medicine
University of Ariel School of Medicine
Ariel City, Ariel (2511-2514)
Degree granted May 2516


  • Internship: General Surgery
St. Lucy's Medical Center
Ariel City, Ariel(2514-2515)

  • Residency: Emergency Medicine
St. Lucy's Medical Center
Ariel City, Ariel(2515-2516)

  • Fellowship: Pediatric Medicine
St. Lucy's Medical Center
Ariel City, Ariel(2516-2517)


  • Assistant Clinical Professor: 2517-2519
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Ariel School of Medicine
Ariel City, Ariel

  • Medical Director: 2519-2520
Community Children's Clinic
Ariel City, Ariel

  • Chief Resident Surgeon: 2520-2521
Grace O'Malley, Shark Corvette Class Spacecraft

  • Visiting Assistant Resident Surgeon: 2521-present
Chaos Theory, Firefly Class Spacecraft


  • Allied College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)
  • Society of Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM)
  • Allied College of Pediatric Medicine (ACPM)


Licensure: Ariel #4301072353
Board Certifications:

- Emergency Medicine, 2517 - 2537
- Pediatric Medicine, 2517 - 2537


  • Fellow, Allied Academy of Emergency Medicine (FAAEM), 2516 - present
  • Fellow, Allied College of Emergency Physicians (FACEP), 2516 - present
  • Fellow, Allied College of Pediatric Medicine (ACPM), 2518 - present
  • 2521 Distinguished Teacher Award (Emergency Medicine Residents at Ariel Receiving Hospital)
  • 2521 ACEP Union of Allied Planets Teaching Award


  • Residents:
- Emergency Medicine Resident Rotation, 2518-2519
- Emergency Medicine Resident Orientation, 2518-2519
- Faculty Mentor, 2519-2520

  • Medical Students:
- Emergency Medicine Lecture Series, 2521 - present
- Suture Lab, 2520-2521


  • Review Articles:
- Delray LL: Monoamine oxidase inhibitor toxicity. Topics in Emergency Medicine,
- 15:(3);58-71, 2519.

- Delray LL: Acute Mercury poisoning. Emerg. Medicine Clinics of Union of Allied Planets
- 2:397-413, 2521.