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Full name Lucas Magley
Date of Birth ??
Assignment Pilot, Redemption
Specialization Pilot
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown hair, Brown eyes
Height and Weight ??
Status Inactive

Lucas is currently aboard the Redemption as their Coxswain (i.e. Head Pilot).


I can't count. It's a defect. That and I have a shitty memory on time.


Born to Brian and Amanda Magley on Hera and the youngest of two boys. Mikal was Lucas' older brother by 6 years and when the Unification War began Mikal volunteered for the Browncoats. Lucas was only 12 during the Battle of Serenity Valley but he distinctly remembers his brother coming home after the Valley, an amputee and with constant flashbacks that would have Mikal screaming out in nightmares for nights on end. At 16 Lucas started learning how to fly small ships from his Uncle Andy. Finding an unnatural knack for flight he spent the next two years honing his skills and neglecting the farm. At 18 after a long argument with his father Lucas signed on with the Sandstorm to start piloting their Dragonfly class ship. Spending the next 4 with the Sandstorm, Lucas finally decided to part ways and come home. Upon returning home his family was gone and the farm was abandoned, the equipment left in the fields it was like time stopped on the farm as they disappeared. Shortly thereafter Lucas hitched a ride to Persephone where he picked up odd jobs around the docks, including the basics of how to pilot a Capital Ship class.

Mother, Amanda, was the quiet housewife. With the perception of never sleeping she was up first and last to bed as she cared for her husband and the two boys. Cooking all the meals she made sure her boys were always respectful and tried to teach them some skills outside the farm. Father, Brian, was third generation farmer. Waking up well before day break it was expected of his sons to complete a large chunk of their chores before breakfast was allowed. A strict father but always caring, the one thing he despised was the Alliance's efforts and the damage they did to his oldest son.


It's Coming. Just building the shell.