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Full name Luana Marthins
Date of Birth Setember 8, 2499
Parents Markus (Doctor), Lucia (Actress)
Assignment Nurse
Specialization Medic/Nurse/Researcher
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blond hair, green eyes
Height and Weight 52 inches/140 pounds
Status Inactive
Education Information

Medical University of Osirus

Military Service


Employment History

Aces & Eight Medical Wellness Clinic


  • Coming Soon *

Professional Areas

  • 1 - Nurse / Doctor
  • 2 - Virologist (Wellness Clinic, Infantile Hospital in Osirus)
  • 3 - Researcher, in focus with herbal and experimental medicines (Free-lancer)
  • 4 - Nanny (A&E Ship, Medical Wellness Clinic, infantile hospital in Osirus)


  • 2499 - Born in Osirus.
  • 2503 - Lost the parents in a accident. An old uncle named Lucas take care of her was your own daughter.
  • 2506 - Lucas died by natural causes. Luana lives now in the Osiris Orphanage.
  • 2517 - Using the money received by Luca's testament, she Luana lives in by yourself in Osirus University, studing medicine
  • 2519 - After financial problems, Luana works in as Waitress in a Cabare to pay your studies in the Osirus Medical University.
  • 2522 - Luana become graduated in Medicine in the Osirus University. She finishes your time of resident in Osirus Hospital
  • 2524 - Luana spend more two years working in Osirus to pay all debits.
  • 2524 - Luana is contracted in a Charity Clinic in Persephone to work as nurse.
  • 2524 - Luana is contracted as nurse in Aces & Eight Spaceship, to work as nurse.



  • Medical Wellness Clinic
  • Aces & Eights

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