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If you're new to the game, one of the most daunting tasks you face fresh out of Chargen is finding a job and some people to roleplay with. Employers that are actively recruiting post on the Employment board (#10) in game (+bbread 10 to see a list of current posts and +bbread 10/# to read a specific post).

The Employment board has a 2 week timeout, and sometimes employers forget to re-post in a timely fashion. This page is intended as a resource for new players to find starting points for different types of work, whether that is working on a ship like the crew of Serenity or seeking ground-based employment on one of the many coded planets/moons.

Not all of the orgs listed here are hiring all the time, but by browsing this list you can get an idea of what's out there. If a wiki page seems out of date, +org/list on the MUSH will show you a list of contacts for all of the orgs. There are many more orgs there than are listed here; this list is limited to active orgs that are often hiring.


The following freelance ships are (or should be) active and may be recruiting: {{#ask: | format=ul}}

Note: Active ships not listed here are associated with businesses. See below.


Active player-run businesses that hire player characters. Some of them have ships that they crew as well as land-based (or station-based) operations.

Charity Orgs

Active player-run charitable organizations. Some of them have ships that they crew as well as land-based operations.


Active government, mercenary and anything else that doesn't seem to fit the above categories.