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Local Authority Alliance
Population 4.5 billion
Terraformed 2220
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing Yes
Public Shuttle Yes
Type Planet
Size Class 18 (R)
Class Core
Orbit Second from White Sun
Coordinates 420, 150, -12
Satellites Colchester
Market Information
Commodities Market Yes
Imports Can Goods
Parts - Civil
Parts - Industrial
Exports High Tech
Luxury Foods
Mid Tech
Kaylee: "I'd sure love to find a brand new compression coil for the steamer."
Mal: "And I'd like to be king of all Londinium and wear a shiny hat."
― "Serenity" pilot episode

Of all the planets, Londinium is the one that most resembles Earth-That-Was. Most of the original colonists from the American and European continents came here, where they combined old tradition with new technology. The look of the cities here is much like that of London from Earth-That-Was and is most commonly referred to as "imperial gothic." Among the most impressive sights on the planet are the Parliament building and government complex. The Parliament building itself is as big as a small city and is home to the debating chamber, also known as "The House." The surrounding complex is where the offices for the ministers and civil servants are located. This is also where the large clock tower is located. Londinium Museum, which is home to the Museum of History and the Museum of Art, holds ancient artifacts from Earth-That-Was and pieces from early colonization. Since it is the center of Alliance control, there is a strong military presence here. Patrolling the space around Londinium is the Alliance flagship, 'Victoria.' The planet is also home to an elite division of troops, known as SAS (Special Alliance Support).

There are "no fly" zones above and around government buildings and those caught in these restricted areas are shot down without warning. Tourists coming to the planet arrive on shuttles that run to and from other Core worlds. Any tourists who are found in areas which are not approved and for which they do not have proper ID are immediately arrested.

In The Verse



  • Alliance Military Head Quarters
  • 35th SAS


Birthplace Of...

Londinium 2.jpg

Canon References

  • Londinium is mentioned in the "Serenity" pilot episode, in Mal's joke (above).