Lolandria Crusa

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Lolandria -Lola- Desera
Lolandria Desera
Full name Lolandria -Lola- Desera
Date of Birth April 9th 2495
Birthplace Hera
Parents Donivan and Lillina (Deceased) Crusa
Siblings None
Spouse Sev Desera (May 14, 2524)
Assignment Doctor of the Dochasan Lasair
Specialization Trauma medicine and Surgeon
Gender female
Status Inactive
Education Information

4 years Medical School: Ariel Institute of Medicine
2 years internship & 1 1/2 years residency: OLOH Hospital on Osiris

Employment History

Medic aboard the Tienlong
Surgeon aboard the Crazy Horse
Medic aboard the Zhonglong

Personal Notes

Allergy: strawberries, latex

Dramatis Personae

A wholesome kind of beauty, accentuated by a friendly gleen. Even if she werent expressing it outwardly, she's just got the glow. Her straight brown hair is usually worn in a tight bun at the back of her neck. While she couldnt be younger than twenty one years aged, but she looks it by the way she carries herself. Not really childish, so much as, childlike. Her body is developed, however, having enough curves to satisfy anyones curiosity into her indulgence of luxury, but not so many to be considered gluttonous. Blue eyes almost always smile, even when her face doesnt.

Before the Black


I ain't got nothin' against the planet, but if'n when I pick a location to retire, it likely as any ain't goin' to be here. Too much history I guess. 'course I suspect my inclination's will change as I get on in years, but I suppose I weren't never real good at speculative prophecies.

Born and raised on Hera, Lola's da was the a small rancher communities local doctor. Her mother died when she was only three, so her memories of her are spotty at best and them only what her father's told her. Being as her pa was a single parent, a lot of the womanly trainings due a young girl by her mother are understandably missing. When she weren't learning in the office with her father, young Lola was out learning with the boys how to shoot bb guns and chase small game. Which don't mean she's none too good at these things, just that she leaned more towards the tomboyish activities than them associated with proper ladies.

Having always had a love for her fathers work, it was fairly obvious early on that she would continue the family tradition. However, wanting a more lavish lifestyle for his daughter, father Crusa saved for years in hopes of sending her to the best medical schools in the 'verse. A goal that literally got him trapped on Hera for the rest of his days, as he took a large loan from the community where he worked with the agreement that he'd stay on as doc until the debt was paid.


See now, I didn't fully comprehend how different a folk could be from planet to planet. Oh, I dealt plenty with off-world transporters, comin' through town to pick up a haul uh animals for this planet or that one, but ya caint full appreciate diversity 'til your in the Core. Peoples there look't at me like I had a leaky brain-pan just cus my accents a little drawn or my manners ain't always real lady-like.. but I caint see how that makes me a bad doctor. So, when ya read my records an' it says I didn't excel in their schools, it ain't got a lick to do wit my doctor'n skill. Only tha' I weren't will'n to heel down an' suck up some civilizin', just cus they said I should.

Lola making rounds at OLOH Hospital on Osiris

Medical school was not all Lola had ever hoped it would be. Her dry sense of humor and bumpkin demeanor often led her instructors to think she was little more than an educated fool. At times working her twice as hard as more refined students, for half the benefit. So it was that she grew a strong aversion to the institutes of medicine in the Core World, which she'll still admit are the best in the 'Verse, but only begrudgingly. Finding that there was a certain amount of civilization stapled to the instructors expectations, the young budding doctor would often rebel, just for the sake of doing so. A truth she often regrets to this day because a lot of what she knows now about medicine was learned after the fact. As this rebellious nature caused her a great deal of lost opportunity for more in-depth, one on one, teaching that a lot of the other students received. Natural aptitude can only get you so far in the High paced Medical world.

It wasn't until about a year before graduating that Lola really started to understand how best to handle the situation. Play the game dictated by the Professors and use it to better herself. It was a lesson she often still wishes she'd learned earlier on, but it's a motivational force in her life today. Almost no situation is too 'horrible' for the Doc not to gleen some usefulness out of it.


Despite have'n spent over three'n a half years at Our Lady of Hope, I ain't really got much to say 'bout it. It was an excite'n time in my post graduatin' years. I learn't the kinda medicine I was gonna be partial too.

After the Black

On Crew

It's hard in tha black. An' yer gonna find folks ya'll spend major portions of yer life wit.. ya'll cry wit'em.. ya'll celebrate life wit'em. These is yer family. Family'el change. New members'el join. Old members'el die, but through 'tal ye'll keep live'n, ya'll keep love'n, but most of all, ye'll keep fly'n.

On the Tienlong

This was her first major assignment and one that didn't last very long the first go around. She'd hired on with a particular Captain of the multi ship operation and when he parted ways to birth his own crew, she came along for the ride. Though, she did fly with them long enough to get a pretty good sense of the general friendly atmosphere of the huge business.

Her first major combat experience was during this first round. Landing on one of the plethora of pirate worlds the organization split into multiple strike teams. Her own having the designation to coarse a smuggler band to lend technical support, which ultimately ended in a massive gunfight. For her part, meaning, hiding behind a mule, screaming bloody murder, and firing a pistol over her shoulder at anything that got to close to her hidy-hole.

Shortly thereafter, she parted ways with the crew of the newly Christened Crazy Horse.

On the Crazy Horse

Mistakes happen. You learn from them, you live with them. Not that she dislikes any of the crew for the situation, but they and her, almost never, got a long. So it wasn't long at all before, Doctor crusa was again looking for work.

On Weapons

Admittedly, she knows very little about them, except that there was on the crew. A young girl, she seemed to have a strong aversion to Doctors, Doctors offices, and... well just about anything dealing with medicine. From the small amount of time she spent with her, it's became clear that, if all 'weapons' were like this one, they were dangerous and completely off their rocker.

On the Tienlong round two

So I ended up back onna Tien. Soon's it became abundantly clear me'n tha' Crazy Horse was head't fer a rocky finish, much like tha boats namesake, I left... So's there weren't no hard feel'ns, which I still say there ain't. Least ways on my part.

Second go around with the Tien and her crew was a much better fit, at least for as long as it lasted. Not that her opinion of them is lowered, far from it, they're still family, just distant now. You don't go through the kind of hardships she went through with them, without forming a lasting bond. One that goes well beyond payroll or where you ultimately end up. Beyond the day to day of the 'Verse. Despite not being amongst them now, she'd still jump to their aid if the need arose, as it was only because of the size of the crew, that she left in the first place.

Dochasan Lasair

They be my family, my friends, where Imma be when I's old.. and where I retire from, when I do. As close to kin as folks birthed from different mothers can be, plus my Sev is on board.. e's my heart.

A new adventure, a new start. Lola is still flying.


Wow...Reaver's looks suspiciously like zombies...