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Pilot prodigy with her head in the clouds and her feet barely touching the ground

Full name
  • Lillith Anna Master
Date of Birth
  • Your DOB here
  • Father: Carlisle Masters
  • Mother: Eve Masters
  • Only child
  • Not wed
  • None
  • Pilot
  • Female?
Eyes and Hair
  • Hair colour: Blonde hair
  • Eye colour:Hazel eyes
  • Height: Five foot four inches
  • Weight: Not telling (Below average)
Education Information

  • High school -Ariel
Military Service

  • Some flight academy


Born on Ariel to a well to do Alliance family, Lilly never truly 'got' the rest of the 'verse. She was swaddled in care and lies to keep her safe. She grew up with the best attention her family's staff could provide. Having been told what to do for the most part of her life, Lillith didn't truly develop a personality until around the time of high school - where her perfect little world became shattered by a chance encounter with a ruffian from the slums.

Ever since her encounter with the teen, she has been nothing but a burden to her father's reign at the house hold. The burden became such that she was dragged off into space to attend school away from the influence that had tainted her school of thought.

Aboard the Alliance Cruiser, Lillith grew restless. The taste of freedom she had sampled from Ariel's bad boy gave her an insatiable lust for the sensation. Rebeling against her father did little to assist her in reaching her goals, and soon, hope of contacting her lost friend became all but a glimmer off the port bow.

Trying her best to simulate her freedom, Lilly took a sheen towards the ships in the fighter's bay - not for their raw power or whine of the engine, but more for her love of what they meant: Freedom. Rising in the ranks of her fellow colleagues, Lillith showed great promise as a future pilot for the Alliance forces - her father's chest swelled with pride.

As time went on, Lillith continued to engross herself in the art of flying and dug deep into the knowledge of how to spread her figurative wings in the cockpit. It wasn't until a fateful day when a wave came in on her com that her destiny rang true. Her old friend had found her and said he might have a way of remaining hidden from those that would look.

Without so much as a good bye, Lillith disappeared off of the Alliance cruiser - stowing away after the cargo scan in order to make a break for Persephone in order to meet her long lost friend.

Recent Events

  • Landed on Persephone and ran into Conrad Grey
  • Was hired on as a pilot on the Shu Chang


Bright and cheerful, Lillith is a little naive when it comes to the verse. Not really knowing when she's being strung along nor being able to pick up on most innuendo or hidden meaning, she has a tendency of answering or asking questions at the wrong time. Her heart is in the right place often enough and she has a demeanor that seems refreshing out on the rim.


The People

  • Conrad Grey - Long lost friend from Persephone
  • Tatyana - A motherly figure whom gave her a chance and hired her as a pilot on the Shu Chang
  • Kenthadus - Nice older gentleman who helped her get her bearing with a new ship
  • Cricket - Hyperactive girl that likes cake as much as Lillith does

RP Hooks

  • Daddy wants baby home
  • Spiders? Why'd it have to be spiders!?
  • Adventure!



  • Abney Park - Airship Pirate

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