Life-Line Inc

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Life-Line, Inc.
Owners Reilly Kelly
Inception May, 2524
Location Beaumonde
Ships Suthainn Dochas



Would you know what to do?

Every year thousands of lives are lost throughout the 'Verse to ship crashes and malfunctions, be them from pilot error or mechanical failure. Of those thousands, many could be saved if only they knew how to survive until help arrived, or if help arrived a little more quickly. Life-Line, Inc. is a company devoted to lowering those numbers, to helping people learn how to not become a statistic.

We are currently seeking individuals from all walks of life to help us lower those numbers. Pilots, weapons specialists, individuals trained in survival, medics, self-defense experts, trackers, computer specialists, grief counselors, cooks, and general laborers, we need your help on both our ground base located on Beaumonde and out in the Black aboard our Firefly class transport, the Suthainn Dochas. We offer competitive wages, benefits, and all necessary equipment, as well as room and board. Interested parties should contact Reilly Kelly to set up a confidential interview.

For a modest fee, Life-Line, Inc. offers classes in self defense, weapons handling, piloting at the transport level, and survival. For class schedules and prices, please stop by our base of operations on Beaumonde during normal business hours.