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Doc LeWolf
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Full name Lexirna Monica Wolfstamme
Date of Birth December 14th, 2498
Birthplace Ariel
Parents Monica and Robert Wolfstamme
Siblings None
Children None
Assignment Chief Medic
Specialization Pharmacology and First Aid
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Hazel green/Black
Height and Weight 5'5/140 pounds
Education Information

High school diploma from Ariel High school, Doctor of Medicine degree, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, and a minor in sociology from Ariel University. Masters degree in Pharamacology and Virology.

Employment History

Lexirna was employed by the Ariel General Hospital during her residency, and then a year afterwords, moving from remote locate to remote location on Ariel to help locals. After moving to Persephone, Lexirna has been hired by the crew of the Guan-Ying II as a doctor. After a disagreement with the Captain of the Guan-Yin II, Lexirna has left the ship. After a short time of unemployment she signed up with the Traveller, captained by Laurent McCain. She also has volunteered at the recently opened Medical Wellness Clinic on Persephone.

Pre-IC life

Lexirna lived a pretty sheltered life on Ariel, almost constantly living with her folks who regulated everything about her, almost down to what she wore. She had almost no friends, except the people she worked with, but she never met them outside of work. Her parents weren't controlling, not in a bad way, they just tried to keep Lexirna safe from harm, if doing a bit too over the line, but Lexirna didn't mind. She didn't have any friends anyways, and wasn't likely to have any. She was always a book worm, learning something about this and that, which allowed her to join college at the age of thirteen in preperation for medical school, which she got into the next year, all while still attending her last two years of highschool. She certainly was a bit of a brain case anyways.


{OOC note: This is only to be used by prospective employers and/or anyone in the legal department that has the IC reason to access this. Also anyone with enough computer skill and intrest ICly can obtain it.}
This is IC information.
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The criminal record on Lexirna is clean, but something intresting keeps popping up, dealing with a court case back in 2511, having to do with an attempted homocide commited by a doctor in the Ariel General Hospital. Pulling up the casefiles, you notice that most of the details have been blacked out, but the basics are easily readable. When Lexirna was thirteen years old, she'd gone to the doctor's office with her mother for a checkup. Being an adventurous little girl, she'd gone wandering and walked in on one of the doctors in another part of the hospital. The exact details and Lexirna's accounts have been blacked out, but the assumption from the rest of the witnessess was that the doctor performed a life-threatening surgery on Lexi without consent of the mother, definatly without consent of Lexirna, and one that has almost cost her her life more than once.

IC so far

This is OOC information.
Information detailed here is for OOC uses only.

Lexirna hasn't gotten that far really. She moved to Persephone to be away from her parents, and to maybe someday open her own clinic, though at the forefront of her mind was finding a crew to settle down with, doing who knows what for low pay and plenty of risky fun. But instead she wound up hopping about the various core planets, trying to score interviews. Now she's settled quite nicely on Persephone, with her current boyfriend, Leutrim, for the time, moonlighting for the Guan-Yin II when needed, captained by Doctor Olivia Piper. She's learned a bit since she first landed on Persephone, and after having quite an akward moment aboard the Redemption, which ended in her being asked to leave the ship, she's learned some humility, and to make sure no one is around when she goes to sleep, just incase. After having a disagreement with the Captain of the Guan-Yin II, she left the ship and returned to Persephone. She was approached by another organization to join their crew before she was arrested on Persephone under the charges of resisting arrest and insulting an Alliance officer. She's currently out on bail awaiting trial and attempting to get back in contact with the organization. Her romantic life has gotten quite the bit of a kick as well, things rocky between her and her boyfriend, not even sure what's going on between them anymore. She's hopeful for the best but fearing the worst. After the short time in jail, and now awaiting her court date, Lexirna met with the crew of the Traveller and has signed on, currently running cargo with them while awaiting her trial. She was recently promoted to Chief of the medical staff after the first one went missing. Her trail never seeming to come, she has no news, presumed that the case was dropped during the drama on Persephone. She recently returned to Ariel when her mother passed away, going missing for several months as she stayed home to help her father in his older age. She's just recently returned to the Traveller, finding things have changed quite a bit, and that her old boyfriend, Morgan, has started dating another woman after her unexplained abscence.

Sudden hack into the Cortex

Due to the sudden rash of hacks into the Cortex, caused by the self-proclaimed Admiral Frost, pirate King, Lexirna has gotten a foothold in her self-confidence. After finding a hacker that'd be willing to trade services, and a bit of credits up front, for a quick hack, Doc LeWolf made her presentation to the local worlds around Persephone (The hacker's equipment was unable to go very far) {OOC note: Sorry I didn't put that in the +bbpost, I meant too} She proudly let the local and the Bounty Hunter's Guild population know that she'd support them in any medical situations she could. How that'll affect her life, or life span respectivly, is so far unknown.


After having been in a self-woven saftey net while on Ariel, Lexirna has taken the wildside in life, usually getting into trouble and blundering about, while still trying to find her way in a brand new way of life. She hasn't made the smartest decisions, but she tries her best while thinking on her feet. A bit of a flirt with the right people, she's generally open and kind, if a bit witty with people she connects with, while others who try to impose their self-importance or their status over her tend to get the colder and less tactful side of her, usually with a few witty insults and huffs and puffs about equality for man, and woman, respectivly.

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