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Full name Leutrim Beowulf Donnchadh
Date of Birth June 13th, 2500, Londinium
Parents Llewelyn Robert Donnchadh (Father)
Annalina Archepelago (Mother)
Siblings Daffyd Alexander Donnchadh (older brother)
Aubrey Brighde Donnchadh (younger sister)
Spouse Divorced: Soh Yoo-Jin (Eugene)
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Pale grey eyes; shaved dark hair
Height and Weight 6'3" tall
Around 225 lbs.
Status Active


OOC Note: Wentworth Miller is used for Leu in his 20's as a young man, but a Photoshopped version of Vin Diesel is used for him in his later 30's as the page progresses.


This man is slightly above average in height at about 6'3" and perhaps in his mid to late thirties. Athletically fit, his fair skin looks to have seen a fair bit of sun and weather. He weighs in around 220 lbs of bone and muscle with stubble along his broad jaw and dark hair buzzed short. Tending towards a grim set mouth when he isn't smiling, his pale grey eyes are watchful. A scar that looks to have been a nasty burn from a few years before mars one side of his throat up to the edge of his jaw.

This man is dressed in a grey long sleeved shirt with dark blue cargo pocket pants secured with a plain leather belt. A much worn pair black boots are matched with a set of mat black armour and a riflecase over his back. Outdoors he usually wears a pair of dark, non-mirrored ballistic shades if it's bright out.

Personality & Demeanor

Rumor has it that Leutrim is a man who'll get the job done and has a colorful past reputation that includes blowing up helicopters while in flight, blowing people's heads off, hacking security systems, and finding out things people generally don't want him to know. A Senior Bounty Hunter, he's been an Alliance Police Officer on Persephone, Head of Security for Lord Winchester of Hera's Winchester Repeating Arms Company, and maybe even Count Salin Fawzy's Head of Security briefly for Black Wolf Enterprizes. Former owner of his own Investigations service and a ship, Leu is said to have cut himself loose and went back to freelance work. Generally thought of as quiet, no drama, and discreet, he's reputed to be dangerous to those he hunts but loyal to those he thinks are worthy.


Recent Time Line

Leu's Early Timeline is a record of Leutrim's younger 'on grid' life. Now that Leu is getting older, more recent events are listed below.

No one is certain what happened to Leu after he left his position with UDC on Silverhold. Rumor has it he went on on the Rim for a while, then back to Verbena. Later it was hit by Reavers, killing most of his family and having burned their plantation to the ground. His own place has survived but is currently being managed by his older brother, Daffyd, until a house is rebuilt on their parent's land.

-March 19th, 2534: Donnchadh is located by Mia Daniels and sent a wave, asking him to come to Shinbone to help out with the Reaverite Cultists, and evacuate women and children. Leu shows up, then pops an unexpected visit back to Silverhold and UDC.

-August, 2534: Leutrim is back on Persephone. He's kicking around ideas of what to do with himself and running into some old friends.

-September 4th, 2534: At the Dregs Bar and Grill, Leu ran into Annabelle and challenged her to play him a game of darts. She refused his bet of 100 credits but countered with a bet over dinner. Amused, Leu accepted and to his great surprise, had his ass handed to him!

-September 16th, 2534: Leu's decided to gather up crew and find a means to get a ship, taking a loan out against his plantation back on Verbena and hitting up old friends. He's gone to dinner with Annie and that didn't go over well but then she gets shot up. He agrees to be temporary security on the Red Angel to help out with Kacey until Annabelle is healed.

-October 10th, 2534: Kacey's been made Leutrim's new XO. Annie and he have become an item, sharing a bunk on board the Red Angel and having gone to Calira's BHG event together. Leu gets his ducks in a row for his own ship and crew, having hired Lucy, Juno, Katherine, Chloe, Cassiopeia, Ellie, and one of his former crew with Ethereal Investigations, Feria. Annie gives Leu a copper pocket watch with an inscription and photos of them together.

Double Indemnity

-October 30th, 2534: And... Leutrim's loan came through and his bid accepted on a Firefly! Once more he becomes owner of his own ship. Some of the crew are brought aboard and the Double Indemnity is given her maiden shakedown flight with Keyhole Operations. Ship and org wiki pages coming soon!