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Lethaniel 'Tuck' Tucker
Full name Lethaniel 'Tuck' Tucker
Date of Birth October 19th, 2492
Parents Alan Tucker and Grace Tucker
Siblings 2 younger brothers: Jordain and Bradsen
Spouse Single
Assignment Mechanic
Specialization Engines, Sidearms, Being awkward.
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark Brown
Height and Weight 6'3"/225lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Military Service


Personal Notes

Blood Type: AB+
Age: 30


When a person looks at Lethaniel, and turn away a few moments later, there is a good chance they will have already forgotten him. Standing at about six feet and 3 inches tall, he has slightly above average looks and a square jaw. He is not fit and muscled, but looks strong and hard working with wide shoulders, which all together does make his slightly imposing with his height. Dark brown eyes gaze about his surroundings with a warm and inviting stare. Short croped black hair is combed forward and hangs loose, with a slight curl at the ends. No stubble or scars on his face, he looks clean and presentable. So yes, overall, just a very average kinda guy.

Currently he is wear a simple pair of dark green cargo pants, a black belt around his waist adorned with a few odd tools and trade items. He is wearing a white, long sleeved t-shirt that looks well worn and washed a few too many times. Worn black combat boots finish off the mans clothing. A black and white beaded necklace hangs tight around his neck, and hangs a long tooth of some sort from the middle.

Personality and Demeanor

If you were to ask him you would know that he prefers to be called Tuck. He is a pleasant guy to be around, typically in a good mood and eager to chit chat. He is polite, honest, and gentleman... overly so in most cases. The most surprising thing about Lethaniel is that he is very awkward and shy around what he would refer to as 'beautiful women', and have been known to be clumsy and do things like walk into light poles. In many cases he has been known to talk himself in circles trying not to be rude and only making things worse for himself, bringing up things like might even make himself look worse in the hopes of not insulting someone.

Lethaniel Tucker is modest to a fault, but is very proud and protective of his ship and Captain. He is brave, but not immune to fear or danger in life threatening situations. Recently he was thrust into a firefight in the cargo bay of the Tienlong, he was shot in the left shoulder and killed two of the three attacking thugs. Though he had been considered to have saved his crew mates by doing so, Lethaniel took the deaths very hard. He is not a killer, and doesn't want to be. Never since then has he spoken or indicated that he would have changed the outcome, knowing full well that what he did was life or death.

Character Biography

Distinguishing Marks

Bullet wound scar on his left shoulder, front and back.