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Leon Parker
Full name Leon Andreas Parker
Date of Birth May 01, 2478
Assignment Corsair, Arctic Raider
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark eyes, dark hair
Height and Weight 6ft (182cm), 210lbs (96kg)
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Basic schooling
Military Service
  • 2507: Ensign, Independent Navy
Employment History


Leon Andreas Parker is not all that he seems.



  • 2478: Born on Athens
  • 2496: Homeless on Persephone
  • 2496: Signed on with Divine Inspiration
  • 2506: Enlisted and tagged for officer's training
  • 2507: Deserted and turned traitor, new name
  • 2508: Lost ship and business.
  • 2508-present: Spent time crewing on various ships.

Pre-PC History

Noah James Willis was born in 2478 on a farm on Athens and grew up living a normal farm boy's life, going to school, doing homework and doing the kind of chores a farm boy does. It was expected that he, as the oldest son, would take over from his father eventually, but Noah had other ideas, wanting to see the 'Verse and get a proper education that might be worth something in the Core. But there was never any money to send Noah Coreward for an education, so the only education he got was the basic schooling offered in the nearby village.

But Noah wouldn't settle for a life on a farm, so when he was 18, he hitched a ride with a freighter in exchange for cooking and cleaning and he ended up on Persephone, where he ended up homeless after the first month, when his money ran out. He tried the hard work, tried being a dockworker and tried waiting at various bars. But all without luck. Even having grown up, knowing hard work, it was the reason he had left Athens in the first place. As he would say to people: "These hands were not meant for hard labour."

After a few months of dodging muggings and steering clear of the other dangers of living on the streets, Noah admitted defeat and returned home to Athens, again trading labour for a ride. The trip was not a direct one as the little firefly had a trading route to attend to and it took a few weeks around the Rim before Noah was back home, a few new experiences richer. The one that had made the greatest impression was the one of spending time on a ship in the Black. He'd gotten a taste for it and asked the Captain if he might have a job for him. The kid was lucky. The ships cook had given his resignation just before Noah had gotten a lift and having proven himself at least halfway useful in a galley, the Captain hired him on probation.

His employment on the Divine Inspiration lasted for the next ten years and he quickly picked up some piloting skills, but was at a total loss in the engineroom, not know a screwdriver from a spanner. When the Unification War broke out, Noah was given a choice by the Captain. Join him and the rest of the crew at the nearest Independent recruitment office or walk out now. Ten years in a small ship together does a lot for bonding a crew together, so Noah chose to enlist along with the rest of the crew. By that time, he was second in command of the Divine Inspiration, the previous XO and third in command having left for reasons of their own and so he was tagged as an officer right there in the recruitment office, along with the Captain and sent off to officers school to receive training while the rest of the crew was sent to regular bootcamp.

Having led a rather peaceful life onboard a spaceship with little to no trouble, the change was hard on Noah. Officer's training was probably easier than bootcamp would have been, but he still didn't much like the whole idea of having to lead men and women into war. As it turned out, he was pretty handy with a gun, but not so good at the 'leading men and women into war' and was stationed on a ship instead of on the ground, a decision that he was extremely grateful for. Being on a ship, after all, gets you out of the line of fire, right?

Not so. After about half a year on the Guevara (named after an Earth-That-Was revolutionary), there was an engagement with an Alliance ASREV, which turned out better armed and more maneuverable than their Blockade Runner and soon enough won the battle, leaving the Guevara dead in space with its atmosphere venting. The shuttle was picked up by a friendly and the few survivors were re-deployed, although this time Noah was not so lucky as to end up in a cushy position on a ship. He was deployed to Athens, but he never got there after he'd had a two week leave. Noah had decided that he'd had enough of war and deserted, going over to the Alliance to spill everything he knew about the Independents (which wasn't much) in return for his freedom, a new name and a small ship of his own.

Now known as Leon Andreas Parker, he went off to try and run a trading business of his own. But with war making things difficult and himself have little head for numbers and business, he soon lost his ship and was on the street again. Since then, he has stuck to what he's good at, being crew on other people's ships or finding useful information that people might pay for, living either on ships or the crate motels of Border and Rim planets and, above all, stay clear of any Browncoats who might be looking out to get back at him for turning traitor. He never did manage to fulfill his dream of becoming rich and living in luxury. Not yet, anyway.

Alternative History

Leon Parker was born on Athens sometime in May of 2478. He grew up on a farm there, helping out whenever the crops needed to be brought in at harvest. He learned to use rifles at an early age, going hunting with his father and his brothers.

When he turned 18, he left the farm to pursue a different sort of life as farming was never something he liked very much. Hanging out at Eavesdown, he started working as a cargohandler, loading and unloading ships that came into port and he got to talking with the crews. Eventually, he figured out that he wanted more than hanging about the docks and he approached a captain of a dragonfly asking if he could join the crew. He was hired on as a cook and continued flying with the unnamed ship for the next eight or nine years.

What happened next is somewhat fuzzy and Leon doesn’t like to talk about it, but for some reason, he ended up in prison and spent the entire wartime years there. Since his release from prison, he’s spent time going from one ship to the next, working in the ports in between berths.

PC History

Alliance Record

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2507: Volunteered information about Independent movement.

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