Leira Silverdawn

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Full name Leirabelle Cassandra Silverdawn
Date of Birth May 3, 2494
Parents Mark and Isabella Silverdawn, deceased
Siblings Zacharias and Jacob Silverdawn
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Security of Siren
Specialization Guns
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Jade green eyes, flame red hair
Height and Weight 5'11", 140 lbs.
Status Inactive

Early Life

Leira was born to Mark and Isabella Silverdawn on May 3, 2494. Brought up on Lilac alongside her two older brothers, Zach and Jake, she knew very little outside the farming community she was raised in. Her parents were kind, but cautious people, one had to be living on Lilac. The constant threat presented by the Reavers was almost unbearable, especially when raising three children. Living on the side of Lilac where the sun shines just right, Leira and her family made a decent living for themselves. From an early age she was taught to fear the Reavers that attacked the planet, but that didn't stop her and her siblings from playing out in the fields when the work was too big for their small bodies.

When she was nine her mother was killed by Reavers. Isabella was visiting a friend on a farm to the south when the Reavers hit. The hired protection against the Reavers did no good. Her father was out working in the fields when word came that his wife was dead. Leira became enraged, in all her nine year old superiority, that all he did was nod and continue working. Later she learned that everyone deals with grief in their own way. Her brother Zach was always more hardworking than the others, he worked alongside their father well after dark that day. Jake on the other hand attempted to grieve through humour. And Leira, she picked up her father's double barrel shotgun and headed out to one of the empty fields. Diligently she set up a makeshift shooting range and fired off shot after shot, even though the rifle was just about as big as she was.

Five years later, her father had gone into the city to do some trade. The three Silverdawn siblings dutifully tended to the farm while their father was away, trying to make life a little easier for him. When dusk rolled around with no sign of their father, they guessed something was amiss, so it came as no surprise when they recieved word that Reavers had ransacked the city. Fear of the Reavers solidified into hate as Leira marched back outside to her shooting range and opened fire on the gathering twilight.

Arrival of Templeton Torres

Two years after her fathers death, when Leira was sixteen, the farm started to fail. It was hard work for three people to keep the vast acreage in good working order. Leira and her brothers left the farm, attempting to find work elsewhere to support themselves. Still living on their plot of farmland, the trio made the commute to the city every day. Zach took a job at the cargo office, Jake at the local bar and Leira hired on with Zach after a month of job searching. By then, a new face had landed on Lilac and hired on at the cargo bay a week or so after Zach. Some might say it was because of this that Leira took a job there, but money was tight and they needed all hands on deck. Templeton Torres quickly became a good friend of Zach's though the friendship quickly shifted to Leira, who was closer to his age. In a short amount of time they became inseperable best friends and sharing numerous adventures together. Leira saved Templeton's ass more times than she can count and he in turn has saved her life on the odd occasion. Leira was blissfully happy, even though the threat of the Reavers hung over their heads like an ugly black stormcloud.

Five years later, Templeton took off without a word. Leira was left utterly crushed and devastated. It was only a matter of time before she packed up the few clothes she possessed and headed off-planet in search of something new. Lucky for her, Zach wasn't home at the time of her leaving or she would never have gotten off Lilac. Zach took the protective older brother status too seriously. Leira wound up on Persephone and began work as a freelancer.

Life as a Freelancer

At 21, Leira was a red headed, green eyed goddess that knew how to weild just about any gun. She learned how to fly transport ships as soon as she set foot on Persephone. Her employers soon learned that she wasn't just a pretty face, she meant business. Leira gained their trust in an instant, winning them over with her charm and trustworthiness. Leira got the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Leira spent seven years as a freelancer, earning enough to buy herself a little place of her own on Persephone. It isn't much, but it does the job of 'home' when Leira is between jobs. Midway through her years as a freelancer she had a fit of rebeliousness, albeit many years too late and with no parents to scold her. Leira decorated her shoulderblades with a pair of tribal dragon wings and a thin, intricate design on her lower back, permanently inked into her skin.

Current Status

Recently Leira read a want ad for security for the Siren, a Dragonfly class ship captained by none other than Templeton Torres. Determined to confront her runaway best friend she set off for Paquin. There, Templeton readily hired her on, both having their own surprising tales to tell. Now she acts as one arm of the security team on Torres' vessel as they make their way through the 'Verse.


Leirabelle Silverdawn – who much prefers ‘Leira’ to her full name - is a woman of twenty-eight years with a lean, hourglass figure that is used to hard work. She has flame red hair that cascades down her back in soft waves, almost to her waist. When not on a job she usually wears her hair down. When on a job her hair is either in a long plait down her back or coiled in a tight bun at the back of her neck since it’s “a damn nuisance when you’re tryin’ to shoot someone and all you can see is an infernal curtain of red”. Offsetting her hair are jade green eyes framed by extraordinarily long lashes. Her lips are usually turned up in her characteristic sarcastic half-smile that is quicker to turn into a full grin, albeit mischievous, than a frown. She has three piercings on each ear, two on each lobe and one on the upper cartilage area of each ear. The latter is usually a small silver hoop while the others range from silver hoops to studs to intricate designs. Standing at 5’11” and weighing in at 140 pounds Leira can generally be seen dressed in a cross-back tanktop that display the tattoos on her shoulders – a pair of tribal dragon wings, one on each shoulder blade. She also has a tattoo on her lower back, another symmetrical tribal design with gently curving lines that branch off one another. Cargo pants with five pockets on each side and combat boots that take a good fifteen minutes to lace up finish up the ensemble, all in her favourite colour – black. When it comes to weapons Leira is usually wielding twin pistols holstered on either hip, has some form of rifle on her back and has a knife down her right boot. She holds herself with languid confidence that could be likened to a panther lying in wait.