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This is OOC information.
Information detailed here is for OOC uses only.
Current Lee!
Full name Lee Weaving (was Corsuca)
Date of Birth 2505
Birthplace In The Black
Parents Maura (nee Carlisle) and Victor Weaving
Siblings Unconfirmed
Spouse Unwed
Specialization Hitchhiker
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, Brown hair
Height and Weight 5'10", 155 lbs
Status Inactive
Employment History
  • Medical Wellness Clinic, Eavesdown, Persephone
  • Indy Music Band "Jealous?", Persephone Bar Circuit
  • Solo Performance, Jazz/Blues Lounges throughout 'Verse
  • Independent Consultant for Hair-Brained Schemes


If you want to have some previous connection with Lee to add texture to our RP, please check out the time-line of his activities and whereabouts and make your pitch. I am open to mingling our characters' histories where appropriate. I am more than happy to RP conflict and cuteness both, and everything in between.

Please keep in mind that I am a friendly, fun-loving Player, and Lee is a fictional, albeit complicated, Character. We are separate entities and the comments/actions of one do not necessarily reflect the views/reality of the other. If you are ever feeling uncomfortably confused between IC and OOC, do not hesitate to page me and I'll do my best to help clear things up. Nothing much bothers me except passive-aggressive bullshit.

Conceptual Lee

Wandering the 'Verse in search of a place that "feels like home", this impoverished orphan kept flyin' by appealing to the generosity/compassion/foolishness of ships' captains when discovered after leaving orbit. He used to be occasionally mistaken for a girl, and was not above using his natural Pretty to escape hard labor/abuse/airlock by fostering such assumptions. Now that he's a deep-voiced young man, this doesn't happen as often anymore. Now people seem to expect him to work off his passage, or... gasp... pay a fare!

One Year Summary Lee

IC Progression, ICON-style!

For timeline events from before July 2524, go look in Additional Lee.

2524 July - With friend Mary-Soleil as tutor, Lee throws himself into final studying for the GED, having learned the French language in order to rewire his terrible English reading/writing skills. Futbol practice begins in earnest as the official uniforms arrive, and the gang butts heads with the Perse General EMTs on the field. Lee and Dale get roped into planning Nolan Grayes' bachelor party after a few strained ex-Pirate (re: Nysacire) encounters. Stage equipment malfunction sends a street concert up in flames, killing dozens including Autumn, despite Lee's and others' efforts to save her.
2524 August - Lee starts grief counseling under Doctor Giger at Persephone General, is informed that extreme measures must be taken to manage his vivid memory retention. When a speeding MULE almost claims Dale's life, Lee decides he'd rather have the memories than not. Dale's eldest brother Sebastian shows up again and ohnoes! disapproving family member! The gang dresses up in extreme gothic/vampire style for their final confrontation of the blood prostitution ring at Club Haven, Eavesdown.
2524 September - Lee and Dale vacation at a Paquin beach resort for the first half of the month. Many adventures are had! Upon returning to Perse, Lee joins the Eugene-Leutrim wedding party as an usher and performs at their rooftop reception.
2524 October - The gang is recruited to run damage control on a scheme to capture a terrorist/murderess preying on nobles. Lee reunites with Ciara, Companion friend from his youth, when she pulls strings to get him into terrorist-stricken Bernadette to assist production of The Bachelor reality Cortex TV show.
2524 November - Shuttling back and forth between live tapings of the show, a busy schedule at the clinic, and suspiciously perfectly-timed interruptions leave Lee and Dale with zero Alone Time. Stressed!Lee makes an impulsive declaration and action towards Contestant!Marc in front of cameras that both desperately regret but the producers lurrrrve. Not so appreciated was his sneaking into the suite of Anastasiya and Vondye to unintentionally fool them too with his awesome Marc Disguise! While exploring Bernadette and catching up with Ciara, Lee's appearance and mannerisms draw the notice of a middle-aged lady of the minor noble house Carlisle.
2524 December - Lee goes to Persephone General have his Wisdom Teeth extracted (useless things) and discovers new vistas of pain in a routine procedure. The ensuing ambulance chase between Perse Gen and MWC MULEs rescues his anesthetized ass and fuels the resentment between the Scoobs and the Evile Perse EMTs before the Big Game. A pre-Xmas briefing session aboard the Klaighmar breaks up when the ship is bombed in port, and Lee retreats with Dale, Bastien, and Temperance to babysit the Carmichael Twins and form the Great Hair Brigade. The anti-terrorist rally in the Persephone Commons predictably becomes a bloodbath when the the Lulabelle terrorists strike, and Lee gets caught in a blast and lands broken, bruised, and burned, in hospital for a few weeks.
2525 January - Hospital recovery and procedures go well, although the psychological trauma takes its toll. Lee meets fine new folks, gets better acquainted with fellow patient Companion Helena, and catches up with his other wounded comrades while he's confined to the clinic, including penpal letters between himself and Bastien. A convalescent round trip to Paquin and Sihnon does little to alleviate his growing restlessness as that migratory time of the year approaches. As if to remind him, Shadowy Stepmom Allegria tugs him out of the Winchester Weapons Auction to make some demands, but this time Dale and Lord Carmichael are on hand to ward her away. There's no more time to dwell on personal matters however, as crises begin to hit the clinic hard by the end of the month, both ethical and medical.
2525 February - Focus turns entirely to the BTX Epidemic that fills the clinic to capacity and causes complications as medicinal prescription becomes restricted. Medical Wellness and Red Lion personnel join forces to coordinate analysis of the condition and come up with a cure. A mission takes them to New Melbourne, where Lee finds himself surprisingly at home on a planet to which he's never been. Once a couple of working cure options are established, the gang celebrates with a weekend on Santo, and a night at The Capital, a nightclub run by David and Terra. Lee's passing and confused encounter with another partyer, Steven Weiss, leads to Dale striking a small business deal with the handsome salvaging company CEO.
2525 March - Lee jumps to some crazy conclusions after partially recovering a repressed memory concerning his time living on Beylix, but it doesn't hold together. Oh noes, a MWC EMT and Doc Iorwerth Jones of RLI disappear in a mystery that turns out to have large scale implications of a vengeful paramilitary organization rounding up Browncoats throughout the 'Verse. The sleuths of MWC and RLI put their heads together once again, with mixed results, and very strange ones when a themed costume event at Bubastis goes ahead as planned despite the circumstances. There, Dormouse!Lee and QueenofHearts!Nysacire tussle, then come to a personal understanding. OH NOES, now Eugene is the victim of a savage mugging in front of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, sparking off a black rage in Dale that can only be cured by a whirlwind of violence. EMT Jones is only too happy to oblige, EMT Baoi not so much, as the quartet get up to some mad-ass hijinks at an outskirts saloon, Black Dee's.
2525 April - Whadda month. Ivy decides to drop by the Dregs bar where some of the gang are relaxing, and then less expectedly, drops her twins there too, with the assistance of Xian, Dale, Lee, and Amber! Lee sees surrogate mom, patient, and doctor Xian off to her ship assignment, only to find out later that she and her husband have disappeared. A midnight confessional session with Duke Carmichael a week before now leads Lee to visit Osiris to follow-up, only to get pressed into service by the missing Ior's driven wife Angela, on a slow shuttle to Regina and almost a week of Sexy Chicken games - poor Lee! Meanwhile, Steven Weiss comes to Persephone to work out a business deal with Dale and put the moves on the Chief! Joined by Dale, Leutrim, and Elliot on Regina, the team manages to uncover a small POW camp and rescue those still alive inside. Returning to Osiris, they butt heads with Carmichael but find themselves committed to a large-scale offensive against Boros Bad Guy Headquarters. At the last minute, Dale and Lee are tipped off and rerouted to Hera to work out a scheme to raid the camp where several prisoners including Xian are being tortured and terminated.
2525 May - Shazam, it succeeds.
2525 June - OMG SO behind on the updates. ;_;

Six Degrees of Lee

The following Player Characters are those whom Lee learns from most often. Every new discovery is like a vivid brushstroke on the portraits he keeps of them in his riotous mind.

Bastien - When Lee first encountered Lord (now Duke) Carmichael's right-hand man while briefly lost and disoriented in Bubastis, Sebastien Rhys created such a strong first impression that months later, upon hearing that the man had been viciously attacked, Lee did not hesitate to invite himself onto the Klaighmar for a medbedside visit. Since then, numerous meetings, escapades, and letters have kept them connected, and if Bastien isn't truly a kindly, disinterested friend and the deserving recipient of Lee's intractable admiration, he seems loathe to let on. Also, Bastien is TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OLD. OKAY? Okay.

Dale - Having known Dale almost as long as he's known Ivy herself, Lee never had much to say to the easy-going engineer/actor/musician until abruptly discovering firsthand what life must be like for a younger sibling of Ivy Lambsey. He warmed up to Dale enough to begin treating him with the familial contempt that comes with lasting attachment, and their work together on various missions as well as the Medical Wellness Clinic has resulted in plenty of at times awkward bonding moments. Now the social network in Eavesdown links them romantically, in a somewhat curious relationship that is neither clandestine nor ostentatious.

Eugene - Lee knows Eugene Soh from her Trooper days, as a blithely sincere woman who offers no-hassles friendship. It came as a bit of a surprise to learn that his other then-acquaintance Leutrim Donnchadh had won her affections. He has since grown much closer to the new owner of Ethereal Investigations, learning that there is more to the woman than the cool placidity of her demeanor suggests. Her efforts to include him in significant occasions such as her and Leu's wedding, and the formation of the Ethereal Embrace crew/family, have touched him /almost/ to the point of giving up his fiercely-cherished independence.

Ivy - A brazen tease of a thespian doctor who was a source of continuous attraction and exasperation for Lee, who being ten years her junior, is way out of his depth here. Taking his cue from Dale, Lee has learned not to lose his cool when Ivy does or says something outrageous. The number of fictitious middle names attributed to him followed an alphabetic pattern until halting at 'M', which coincidentally also stands for Mysterious. She is now his boss at the Medical Wellness Clinic on Persephone but manages to keep the flirtation to a low roar in consideration for her brother.

Leutrim - What was originally quite a neutral series of interactions between a 'cop' and 'witness' warmed into a mutual, comfortable friendship as Lee responded to Leutrim's humane, playful side as personified by the man's awesome police dog, Aelfred. Leutrim's quitting the ALPD, and subsequently Lee's home base of Persephone, was a sad blow that lasted a bit more than a year, but now he's back, married to Eugene and co-running Ethereal Investigations, and Lee gets to endure his big-brotherly treatment more often, as well as romp with The Pooch.

Vondye - An oddball met on the Eavesdown Docks of Persephone, through whom Lee gained a crash pad during the first two weeks while looking for work. Lee tends to refer to him as 'the General' based on initial introductions, though most everyone else seems to know him as 'the Drunk Bastard'. Highlights of their easy friendship include the day he drew a knife on Lee's account. Also the day he drew a gun on Lee's account. Despite Lee's tendency to eventually sabotage his relationships, he has managed to stay on good terms with the abrasive pilot, and has since hauled Von along on many a hair-brained scheme.

You see this guy?  This guy's in love with you.

Descriptive Lee

Here we have a young male specimen of Caucasian stock, tall, trim, and oh so pretty. A long tapered face sets the stage for starry blue eyes and smudgy lashes under winging brows, a finely sculpted nose and strong chin, and between these a full, soft-lipped line of mouth. Good genes. Framing this picture of blooming adulthood is shining toffee-brown hair in a side-parted sweep across his forehead, the thick lengths flicking over his ears and licking outwards in soft ornamentation. Damn good genes. A notable flaw though, if you will: A mild case of Strabismus in the left eye contributes to a somewhat spacey expression when Lee is not focusing. And underneath the otherwise healthy glow of youth, the skin around the eyes has a shadowy, hollowed cast, a probable sign of stress or sleeplessness. There's a neat pierce hole in his right earlobe which is currently bereft of jewelry.

A slippery-looking silver long-sleeve over dark grey mohair is the current outfit, the shirt collar and cuffs casually unbuttoned, and the trousers hugging him low on his hips. Underneath, his lean figure is not particularly focused towards athleticism, the well-shaped proportions arising from a last growth spurt on an active young body that stands an inch or so from six feet in his black felt sneakers. A long neck slopes gently to broad shoulders and tanned, toned arms, tapering to lithe wrists and large, expressive hands. His trunk is long, with a lower center of gravity which contributes to his signature ambling gait, legs defined with musculature from all his constant roaming about. Time spent in the sun has lightened the teenage fuzz over his forearms and chest to a crisp golden brown.

There is a touch of pride or vanity obvious in the boy's bearing, something in the way his chin lifts, and the expressive line of his shoulders. It's pretty obvious that aside from what might be inside the leather messenger bag he typically has slung across his back, he isn't carrying weaponry. He appears to be wearing a digital wristwatch.

Some common expressions.

Incidental Lee

  • Takes terrible posed photos and almost always has the same frozen expression. Candids are a must.
  • Has rarely been seen/heard laughing, except by Dale. A snort here or there, yes. But no real laughter.
  • Is the opposite of touchy-feely, goes out of his way to prevent skin on skin contact with people he doesn't like/trust.
  • At home in high temperatures, bundles up and suffers through cold.
  • Nutrition freak, from years as a spacer. Very healthy specimen.
  • Is thought by folks to possess the extraordinary gift of complete eidetic memory.
  • Will never take the 'Verse by storm with his extraordinary gift on account of extraordinary ill fortune.
  • Has developed a technique of light self-hypnosis to sort through the exhausting amounts of data retained.
  • Despite his powerz, he appears to have a reading/writing disability in English, which a recent month full of letter-writing has improved.
  • Has never had a full night's rest since he was twelve. Until recently.
  • Accordingly, tends to tire out after only ten hours of wakefulness. Until recently.
  • Loses his pants with startling regularity. For some as yet unexplored reason, it never fails when there's an alleyway involved.
  • Tends to make up words on the fly and slap people with smart-ass nicknames based on first impressions.
 [ROLL] Lee rolls for a 50/50 chance. The result is successful (99).
 <OOC> Lee says, "Oh great. He's got the rarest blood.. AB-"
 <OOC> Eugene laughs, "Lee would. That suits him actually."
  • Registered in the Federal Database as a blood donor for Type AB-, possessed by less than 1% of the 'Verse population (mere millionz!).
  • His handwriting/drawing increases greatly in quality when he's stoned/drunk. Wha?!

Musical Lee

Ever since returning to Persephone in July 2523, Lee has been involved in Persephone's indy music culture, attending and participating in open mic performances as the band Sweet Revenge (members interchangeable), sometimes fronting for the all-chick bar band "Jealous?", and performing solo at jazz/blues lounges. Greater exposure at larger venues such as the Eavesdown Ship Show may have gotten him noticed by executives in the music industry, however so far, he is content with his level of extracurricular involvement, while he continues with his 'day job' at the Medical Wellness Clinic.

Lee's singing voice goes higher than his usual baritone range, and can be described as an airy tenor with a brassy saxophone quality. Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind fame is a close approximation of his sound. Sample this, and this, and this song. Lee has a familiarity with stringed instruments in general but specializes in guitar, mandolin, and violin.

Live Performances - apart from off-screen gigs solo or with Jealous?, Lee has performed extensively in the framework of RP:
"No Landing" - RPed performance in The Grand Carnivale, Paquin, April 2523, attended by Vondye and NPCs.
"Waiting" - RPed on open-mic night, coffeehouse, Persephone, August 2523, co-performance with Autumn, attended by NPCs.
"Pillar of Davidson" - mentioned in RP, performed over Serenity Valley, Hera, December 2523, attended by no one.
"Assorted Filches For Associates" - RPed performance on Rooftop, Eavesdown Flats, New Year's Eve 2523, attended by 12+ PCs.
"When You Were Young" - video +waved performance to NPC Kurt Standish for Return of the Evil Gay Man TP, February 2524, attended by NPCs.
"Sitting, Waiting, Wishing", "Acoustic Blues in E", "The Look of Love" - RPed performance at SINNERS AND SAINTS, Persephone, February 2524, attended by Dale and NPCs.
"Greased Lightning", "Faster" - alluded to in RP, Ship Show Event, Persephone, March 2524, co-performance with PC Dale, attended by NPCs and 15+ PCs.
"This Boy's In Love With You" - alluded to in RP, Dale's Birthday Party at Helios Lounge, June 2524, attended by NPCs and 8+ PCs.
"Not While I'm Around" - RPed performance at White Sands Peninsula Resort, Paquin, September 2524, attended by Dale.
"Emi Wataru" - RPed on Rooftop, Eavesdown Flats, Persephone, September 2524, co-performance with Dale, attended by Eugene.
"Hit Me With Your Best Shot", "Something", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", "China Girl" - RPed performance and alluded to in RP on Rooftop, Eavesdown Flats, Persephone, September 2524, co-performance with Dale, Ivy, and Patandy, attended by PCs and NPCs at Eugene and Leutrim's wedding reception.
"C'mon", "Black Ribbon" - RPed performance and alluded to in RP on Medical Wellness Clinic Rooftop, Persephone, June 2525, attended by NPCs and 10+ PCs at MWC Gala.
"Crush" - RPed performance at the Moonlight Cafe, Grand Hotel Osiris, June 2525, in a concert audition attended by Kayla.
"The Background" - Alluded to in RP and audio +wave, July 2525, for Amber.

Inspirational Tracks
"Home" by Grey Keelor, on Lee Corsuca of Serenity MUSH - "..and I'm another motherless son, chasing the stars through the sky, until I find my home to rest and finally say goodbye.."
"No Landing" by Greg Keelor, on Lee's love for and spiritual connection to Paquin - "..And I know from this place there is no leaving, still tomorrow silver wings fly me back home.."
"Chase The Sun" by Corey Hart, on understanding Lee's character and philosophy - "..oh my eyes can see a world that shines, and maybe I'm a drifter but I'd rather be than to fall in line.."
"The Seeker" by Blue Rodeo, on his relationship with Dale - "..It makes no difference, it's gonna be what it's gonna be, but sometimes the purest gold comes from the hands of a thief.."
"Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd, on his coping with loss of integrity and purity in the 'Verse - "..and did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?.."
"Pillar of Davidson" by Live, on his bond with The Scooby Gang - "..the shepherd won't leave me alone, he's in my face and eyes, the shepherd of my days.."
"Narcolepsy" by Third Eye Blind, on his relationship with Baltimore - "..I write everything down except what's on my mind, 'cause my greatest fear is that sucking sound, and then I know I'll never get back out.."
"Top" by Live, on his entanglement with Allegria - "..O [Victor] in your robe of truth, my emptiness has built your altar, and I worshiped myself in you forever, until now.."
"When You Were Young" by The Killers, on his rivalry with Kurt Standish - "..you sit there in your heartache, waiting on some beautiful boy to, to save you from your old ways.."

Buffer Fail

Due to awesome levels of wordiness, Pre-Grid History, 2523-24 IC Timeline, Dear Lee Departed, Definitive Lee, and perhaps other sections have been moved to Additional Lee.

Visual Lee

Illustrations available for viewing at my deviant art page.

Lee thinks about... yes, maybe you! Lee + Alleyway = Very Bad Things. Shh, Lee found a Teddy Bear... Stay Gold, PonyBoys, Stay Gold!

Lee's Look and Learn Guide to Surgical Procedure..
Banner for Lee's Personal TP. Depictions from left to right: Victor Weaving (deceased), Lee Corsuca (age 12), Lee Weaving (20-ish), Allegria Hichleistern (AKA Elegra AKA Evil StepMum), Lee (age 19), Maura Anne Weaving, was Carlisle (deceased).

Members of The Scooby Gang of Persephone
. . . . . . Leutrim . . . . . . . . . . . . Eugene . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Baltimore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Evalyn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Marc . . . . . . . . . .