Lazorith Guntner

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Full name Lazorith Guntner
Date of Birth 24 September 2503
Spouse Unwed
Specialization Gunslinger
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue and Brown
Height and Weight 6'3 (190cm) 250lb (113.4 Kgs)
Status Active
Education Information
  • Home schooled
Employment History


Lazorith seems to be a man in his twenties, still holding on to boyish good looks. He has bright sapphire blue eyes that seem to hold his life long experiences yet still sparkle with a touch of friendliness. His head is dusted with brown hair which his kept short for convenience and ease of styling, never more then two inches on top and keeps the sides twice as short though never so short that it is purely skin. His strong jaw seems to be clean shaven for the most part keeping a neat goatee surrounding his mouth, kept short enough so as to not be a bother. His nose seems like it may have been broken once or twice in the past but that fact seems to make the plain nose have a bit more character.

The man obviously keeps himself in good shape, standing at 6'2 (188cm), his body forged by constant training and working out along with the trials of his past and the things he's survived. He's muscular and cut to say the least no scars have yet to leave their mark upon his body, which seems to be pure luck on his part thus far.

Currently he sports a black leather vest which is left open revealing his muscular chest and well developed abs, the fact he seems to have a hairless chest seems to be natural for the man. He also wears pants that have seen better days, seemingly ripped just below his knees. These black pants are rather baggy and are held up with the help of a belt which has many pocketbelts upon it for storage of things he finds necessary to carry for survival. Most of these pouches are on the left side of his belt.

Upon his right shoulder, covering it completely, is a bright crimson outline of a tribal panther's head, which is filled in with a black. You can see he has other tattoos but for the moment only parts of them poke out from underneath his leather vest, and thats only if you happen to be behind him.

Note: Clothing subject to change.