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Laurent Passe
Laurent Passe, all smiles
Full name Laurent Passe
Date of Birth April 14, 2497
Assignment Pilot
Specialization Pilot
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark hair, blue eyes
Height and Weight 6'1" 178lbs
Status Active

Laurent Passe (pronounced "Pass") was previously the XO of the Redemption, and before that, a helmsman of the Invictus. Currently, he is in hiding and not a member of any crew.


  • 2487 - Laurent Didier born in New Paris, Bernadette
  • 2504 - Graduated from Academy with Honors
  • 2506 - Unification War begins. Passe flies many missions.
  • 2511 - Unification Day and end of the war.
  • 2518 - Passe sees the Miranda Tapes, questions Alliance.
  • 2519 - Goes AWOL from military, buys new identity Laurent Passe
  • 2520 - Leaves home, works his way out to the Border planets, takes odd flying jobs
  • 2521 - Joined the crew of the Invictus as a pilot.

IC Timeline (note: most of this is from vague memory, if you know dates, please fill 'em in)

  • Chance meets crew, attacked by snakes through vents
  • Frank the bounty hunter, attempts to kidnap Kat, Passe talks him out of it (after taking a bullet in his shoulder)
  • Lucas magley joins the crew, backup pilot for Passe.
  • Gabby, Passe, and Lucas investigate the Antoinette, scares and slips cause Passe to shoot Lucas in the leg.
  • Gabriella, Anastasiya and Passe have an interesting rendez-vous.
  • Gabbie fails hacking into the alliance systems, arrested and eventually commits suicide.
  • Ran into Chaos Theory at the docks of Persephone, most notably Matty and Delilah
  • Thanksgiving dinner with Delilah
  • Accident on the ship resulting in head wound, Passe has a flashback to the war years, nearly kills Syna and himself, Pix knocks him out and he's tied up in the infirmary for a couple weeks.
  • Nov, 2523 - Disappeared, assumed kidnapped or dead.
  • Nov 22, 2524 - Reappears after a year hiatus with a ring and a scar, but no story.
  • Jan 15th, 2525 - Tracked down by a pair of ex-military 'friends', Passe flees to Hera, not seen since.

Pre IC History

Laurent Didier was born on April 14th, 2487 in New Paris, Bernadette. His family has a strong military heritage, and since he was a little boy Laurent wanted to follow his father's footsteps and become a pilot in the Alliance navy. Immediately following his primary education, he was accepted into the Academy and advanced quickly through the ranks. He graduated in the top 5% of his class and received a commission in the navy.

After merely 2 years in the military, the Unification War broke out, and Laurent was assigned to many operations out on the border planets as well as some of the rim planets. He participated in the bombings of Shadow, Whitefall, and Kerry. He grew and excelled at flying, and received numerous recognitions and promotions during the war. He was on his way to fulfiling his family's destiny, becoming another great Passe in a history of Passes, extending all the way back to the French Foreign Legion. That was, until he viewed the Miranda Tapes.

The Frenchman with a troubled past.
After the war ended, Laurent's career slowed but was still very active. He patrolled a lot of the border planets and was able to futher his piloting skills. Then, the Miranda broadcast surfaced, and while it took him some time before he viewed it, it shattered his view of the Alliance and the military. He started questioning what he was doing, instead of simply obeying orders. He would spend time digging into some of the questionable activities of his government, and even started using his rank to gain access to more privy information. Eventually, the military cracked down on his investigations, which lead to further mistrust of his government and questioning his own loyalties. Finally, Laurent could take it no longer. He packed his bags, and on shore leave, he decided to never return.

He went home at first. His mother was there, and he explained his feelings to her. She was disappointed to be certain, but she still loved her son. She knew his father would not understand, so she helped Laurent as best she could. She gave him money, found him someone who could change his identity, and Laurent Didier became Laurent Passe, a simple transport pilot looking for work. But most of all, she gave him time, a good headstart before his face was plastered on all cortexes. He took a few odd jobs here and there for a couple years before finally leaving the core worlds for good and heading out to the border worlds, starting with Persephone.

Passe is a pilot first, and he still loves flying. His hope is to find good work in the border worlds, but at the same time he has a spiritual void he is looking to fill. His love of the military evaporated years ago, and he doesn't know exactly where he is going now. He simply goes, and as long as he has wings, he'll be happy.

IC History

OOC: This is coming from years of vague memory, as I lost *all* my log files. Sorry I wasn't good to stay on top of all this.

  • Passe joined the Invictus crew as a pilot, hired by the ship's Bosun Gabriella Mortania. Little did he know what he was stepping into, as the ship had a recently taken on the The Lady Antoinette, a Skyhook that some in the crew thought to be haunted. Its past crew, the Wellingtons, was mysteriously killed, all except for a little girl Kat. After snakes attacked the ship, a bounty hunter named Frank shot a hole in Passe's shoulder, and many other adventures, it was finally discovered who killed the Wellingtons and Kat was returned as rightful heir to her estate. The Lady Antoinette went with the girl, and the Invictus returned on its merry way.
  • The Frenchman follows a "rule" with romantic interests on the ship: don't do them. Mixing crew and sex always spells disaster, as his own experience bears testimony of, and while he's very flamboyant and overly-friendly with the opposite sex, he never engages in sexual relations with them. Period. That doesn't preclude one fateful night with Gabby, during the investigations of the afore mentioned Atoinette, Passe showed a gentler side of himself and drew her affections. She came on to him, hard, and he resisted, following his rule, until she fired him! Since she made him no longer crew, his last resistances failed him and they had fun that night. Happened twice, the next night when she had a certain Anastasiya on board. She fired him again so he could join in the rather interesting evening of domination. It was after this adventure that the crew started calling him a Manwhore. He's French, what can he say?


Return of the Fallen

The Hunted and the Hidden

Not long after Passe reappeared on Persephone and visited his old crew, he was tracked down by a pair of ex-military bounty hunters, Frank and Steve, sent by his father to retrieve him and return him home. Fearing to implicate the Redemption with his past, he quickly hopped on a shuttle and fled to Hera. The two hunters followed.

On Hera, while Passe was admiring the various docked ships, he came across a Shark Corvette that was curiously painted. The ship's captain was sitting just outside the ship, and the two started a casual conversation, when Frank appeared (Steve no where in sight), pointed his gun at Passe. Using his quick wit, Passe conned Nysacire into thinking Frank was insulting her ship, and so she pulled her gun on him. He finally decided to leave, figuring he could grab Passe later, and so ran back to his ship.

As Passe was thanking Nysa, he was shot in the back (probably from Steve) through his right chest. Nysacire dragged his body onto the Leviathan and with the help of the ship's doctor Roberto, and eventually disappeared from the grid.


Passe and his dimples
Passe is a very cheerful individual. He smiles wide and deep, and is quick with a joke or a laugh. He takes pride in his appearance and tries to wear fashionable and expensive clothing. He loves the ladies, perhaps a little too much, as it has gotten him in trouble in the past more than once. This may be why he has never settled down with just one.

He doesn't like to talk about his past, for obvious reasons (one does not just walk away from the Alliance Navy), but also he does not like to remember how betrayed he felt after discovering what his government really was. Plus, now that he is out on the border planets, living among sympathisers, it's a good idea that he keep his Alliance connections in the dark and not announce to everyone that he aided in destroying so much. However, finding a job with the Invictus of late has given him hope with humanity in general, and his days are looking bright, at least to him.


Some IC logs from the game (note I am WAAAAY behind on these but as I clean 'em up, I will post them here)

  • A Duck's Ass : In the Lounge of the Redemption, hanging out, drinking, meeting new recruits, and getting Pix's boot-to-the-head.
  • Matty's Funeral : On St. Albans, the funeral for Matty.

Many Outfits of Passe

Laurent Passe has a large wardrobe of many styles of clothing, and he prides himself on being a sharp dresser. His clothes are clean, pressed and proper at all times, and he rarely keeps any outfit past six months, unless of course the style of the given outfit is the grungy look. Here are some of the various outfits he's been seen in:

Since the Galleries /were/ broken, here's a teaser of an image for you:

Passe one bright morning.